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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

geranium / a big sky over a tiny harbour / Miss D & the brilliant green / seed heads with blue sky / Thursday after school art with Bee / poplar / dan dan noodles & favourite reads / smoke bush

I equate happiness with contentment, 
and contentment with complacency, 
and complacency with impending disaster.
Hugh Laurie

via 66squarefeet - Hugh Laurie to Gavin Edwards, The New York Times


  1. Good luck with your workshop @ Inkwell...it showed up on my Facebook page ... tail wags ~moose

  2. man, do i love that last shot of the leaves OR WHAT?!
    how your eye loses itself in the different layers of focus/unfocus - dreamy! it works on so many different levels: very much like the viewer is actually there with you, lying under a tree on a beautiful day looking up thru the leaves; as a delightful metaphor that just screams "TREE!!"; as a deceptively simple technical photo assignment...
    nice work, my dear. you're really firing on all cylinders these days! xo n

  3. ps: a technical question
    do you fiddle with the individual colour levels in photoshop? pump up one or more over others? not so much picking your brain as wondering if your previous experience hand-printing/developing colour photos skews your "colour thinking" one way or the other. I never printed colour myself - just b+w - but i know you could mess with individual colours to a certain extent. filters, weren't they? like the contrast filters for b+w? - n

  4. beautiful, beautiful. the seed pods are so crisp and lovely. and that red in the first photo! wow.


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