less is more

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

more is more ... more nasturtiums, more geraniums

doing less
being more

It's a very big goal. It's my No.1 goal. It's a daunting goal. But that's because I let it daunt me. What if I just allowed that this goal was entirely achievable & then spent a limited amount of time - say 20 mins. per day) really examining what & how less would look like in my life/creative empire.

when we focus on doing less and doing it well, instead of doing more and assuming it’s better, we’re less scattered, more deliberate, less harried, and more present. And really, isn’t that what we want? It’s not just the goals and the outcomes we visualize; it’s the happiness and satisfaction we imagine we’ll experience when we get there. It may be the biggest advantage to doing less: we create more space to enjoy those things now. 

I was in Halifax for 2 days on vacation (ha !) though it was tres relaxing in many ways, lots of walking in parks, eating spectacular food, lapping up loads of tlc & tres stimulating conversation,  plus I got to hang with best friend and all round huge support (therapist/coach/business manager/etc) MLou for almost 2 days. I arrived home yesterday after lunch to a giant welcome from les Gang, including the Prince who all missed me tremendously and along with the sweet fanfare a very huge sense of overwhelm. I made myself a cup of Birthday Cake tea in my new glass brewing mug (all from a city stop at David's Tea) and made myself a big, long list - my must do, as fast as possible list and then promptly felt like crawling under my desk into Winnie's bed & waving a big white flag - uncle.

I give in, I give up, I can't do this, I don't wanna do this. whine, winge, whine (all to myself fortunately).

How'd I get this much on my plate and what could I remove ?  A better, more important question might be what would I want more of ? Trouble is it feels like I want everything, all the things that I'm doing ... but I can't do them all well (& happily). With 69 days left in this year (if you count today & I do love to count days) I need, want, think it's a good idea, to try and decide what changes I could make to my current business practices so that I'm not spending so much time treading water in a big pool of overwhelm. It's a big goal. I like big goals.

I don't want to spend too much time trying to figure it out. But I know less will be much more.


  1. I hear ya. It's so hard when you enjoy everything you're doing but can't find enough time to do each thing, let alone well.
    So it's all about priorities and one step at a time.
    I'd love to start a novel but my To Do list for pitching magazine articles is too long to begin a creative writing project like that.

  2. Hi Sara, I also think, for me anyway, this past year I've been so wonderfully caught up in "doing" lots of things that I'm not even sure I know what it is I'd put on my top three "want to do" list. That's something I'd like to figure out in the next 69 days. So that I could begin 2013 with a clear-ish idea/map of where I'd like next year to go ;-)

    I'm a firm believer in

    "you can't get what you want, 'til you know what you want"
    Joe Jackson

  3. Really beautiful nasturtiums and geraniums.
    Don't forget to enjoy the journey along the way, it makes the destination all the more rewarding.
    xoxoxo ♡

  4. Doing less and doing it well. I'm down with that. Glad your trip was healing and love the pix as always


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