from bad comes good

Monday, October 29, 2012

the messy teak topped desk this weekend - working on a very fun, kinda secret typographic illustration project - check out my latest type/illustration for American Greetings here

Take a breath – or three. Let go of any expectations for the moment, let go of a need to control or master this changeable situation. Don’t fight the current, flow with it. 

from Saturday's post

Spent the weekend really pondering the above phrase from my last week's "airy fairy" if you like Tarotscope - ya huh " A combination of Tarot card & Zodiac sign. Hey ! I'll take any advice I can get. Sometimes great advice arrives from the weirdest places. I pondered, I wrestled, I chewed on it for days - this idea of letting go of expectation. I've spent a lifetime clinging, like my life dependended on it, to most all of my expectations. And I have a trunk full. My expectations have sub catagories & chapters. What's left without an expectation ?? I think many of us, though the idea of letting go sounds incredibly appealing, have absolutely no idea how to let go.

take a breath
uncurl those fingers
let it go
let it fall
let it drop
until you lose sight of it 

take another breath
now, how's that feelin'

So much goodness came from a weekend of pain & hurt - isn't that always the way. Good Ness. 
Last week's Tartscope card was the Moon who's wisdom got me through a rough patch. This week's card is the 6 of Cups - perhaps the sweetest card in the deck - oh boy !

Go ahead and be carefree this week – that attitude, that lightness, has a lesson for you. Let yourself play.  


  1. would love to take a sneak peak on your American Greetings work....but, no link?! Love your desk, woof.
    Tail wags ~moose

  2. oops check back I'll go link it
    thanks Moose - woof !xo

  3. I checked out the Tarotscopes and mine was right on the money. I think that guidance from any source is valuable especially when you are open to learn from the lessons. You are awesome. Thanks for sharing your soul.

  4. I'm at the beach. Been letting go and uncurling my fingers all weekend. Going home today to see Edward and Apple! The treat the end of every trip!

  5. thanks...looks really good! Exciting!!
    woof to you too. I am wearing my pirate hat tomorrow for all the little trick or treat visitors.


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