Monday, February 2, 2009

ice as far as you can see

Scenes from our early morning walk along the harbour.

Miss D and I try to hit the pavement way before dawn begins each early morning but lately I've been dawdling, hangin' around way too long here in the compose section of my blog. As I've mentioned in the past I almost always know what image I'll post before I retreat to the nest the night before but I never think too much about what I'll write. I figure it'll come to me, I'll wing it in the morning and in my mind this blog is first and foremost a visual journal (although I suppose some would beg to differ). Most mornings when I arrive at the teak topped desk, first steamy mug of coffee in hand I think to myself I have nothing to say this morning - as I putter around in iphoto and photoshop, cropping, sizing and tweaking - words, thoughts and feelings seem magically to pour out of me. I find myself back on the couch, once again - so to speak. And what a lovely couch it is.

Early morning is my time, my best time. I'm energetic, my vitality usually pops by for a coffee, I'm new and fresh - anything and everything is always possible. I'm optimistic, enthusiastic and dare I say ... invincible. I've decided I need to harness this elusive and ever fleeting power and put to better use these early morning hours. I want to spend less of those precious Ah feel productive moments here at les blog and more of them A gettin' goin'. God knows, I could and would vacuum this time of day, prepare food for later on, I may even clean the bathroom !! 'cause who knows when those darn valets will return. It's an attempt, on my part, to make my schedule jive a bit more with my vitality or lack of. I still will post every morning, always at least an image (or two or more) and who am I kiddin' - there will always be some words.

The land of bubbles & scent awaits and Hey ! there's kitty litter that needs scoopin'.


  1. Sweet Susan.........you and les Gang always have something to say and I look forward each morning to hearing it!

  2. Oh, how I wish I had morning energy... ... I can't really vacuum after "somebunny" goes to bed at night... I don't even like to use the sewing machine in case it disturbs, (which he says it doesn't).. .. and that is when I get my second wind. However, my eyes have gotten pretty bad..and don't function that well by nighttime ... and, yet... during my most productive hours I need to work out... get some supper going.. bake ... etc... so.. I am still trying to figure out a routine.

  3. So very beautiful. I love mornings too, although I'm not energetic, I'd prefer not to have to do anything until after nine. I guess my real problem is that I feel resentful having to conform to someone else's schedule.

  4. Oh Phew! Glad you are still going to fit your blog in around your morning.

  5. "The land of bubbles and scent awaits..." I just have to get myself into Lush, but I put just one step out the door and it's like a blast furnace. I feel for our firefighters. It's no good asking Caity's housemate (Lush managaress) to bring the goodies back to their place - those girls are never home!! Remember those days??

  6. I had a feeling this blogging thing was supposed to come with valets. Where have they been?

    Thank you for the beautiful Mary Oliver poem. I loved it especially because I adore trees so much. And it even has "willow". :):):)

  7. Susan, these are such breathtaking photos! wow. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Beautiful words. you are such an incredible writer and i sooo love it when you describe your early mornings.


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