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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

blog central avec most excellent and constant companion - Oliverl

This is the picture you would see if you were here with me, with us, as we blog each early morning here at the teak topped desk. It's still dark outside, we sit and type by the light of the desk lamp and the glow from my beautiful (and much loved) 24" imac. Uh huh that's exactly how Mr. Oliver sits (or poses) each morning, little paws placed perfectly together, face as sweet as can be - my much adored miniature red golden retriever ... just hangin' with me, waiting patiently for an assignment or hoping I'll ask his opinion Hey Ver, what's another word for tidy ?

And speaking of tidy - neat as a pin, spruced up, spic and span, well kept, un-cluttered and well ordered. I am so loving the sparse, clean, wide open surface of the newly super tidy teak topped desk. I am determined to keep it this way.

I really enjoyed school yesterday. This was a tres good idea on my part (if I do say so myself). Most of my time I'll be helping the students out with their projects and in a spare period I'll be cutting mats to frame their artwork for the upcoming student art show plus I'm already signed up for the prom decorating committee. Now how fun will that be ?

Bubbles and scent and Miss D are waiting.

Uh huh! he really is that perfect ... my Ver Ver


  1. Susan I'm so happy for you.The students will be so appreciative, and art is a wonderful insight into their lives as they gossip away with each other while they work.Regardless of bluff,so many in that age group are insecure, and appreciate any genuine warmth and committment shown with their studies. You rock Susan! I hope it continues to go well, but remember to set boundaries with work-load if you're volunteering! Much love.

  2. Damn - one t in commitment.I should know better - and your photos are beautiful.

  3. Photos are so serene and just make you feel good! Hug the gang for me?
    Hugs, Carol

  4. What a perfectly lovely assistant and companion.

  5. ahhhhh my sweetness fix for the day.... how I love his little face....

    Glad to hear you had fun on your first day of school....

  6. Susan, I love these photos. Glad you had fun in "school".

  7. You are very funny. (Smile). Your Cat is very sweet, he and the dog want to Make friends with it? WOW ... WOW.


  8. That is really the sweetest cat I think I've ever seen.

  9. I think it must be more fun to be on the prom decorating committee as an adult. Hope you have a wonderful time with the students!

  10. Wonderful early bird post, Susan. What an excellent idea to get involved in the local school. And Oliver...imagine! My Junie would not be able to take just proudly sitting there.. She walks on the keypad whenever I seem to be overly involved with my projects.

    Order and beauty = inspired! (Me that is.) Oh, come over to take a look at Miss Junie and Mr. D'Arcy. I posted their photos after enjoying your wonderful Oliver and Miss Winnie captures. <3

  11. Ver Ver is keeping watch over your treasure rock. He has such an adoring expression. He's a real lover boy.


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