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Monday, February 23, 2009

it seems we love him even more than you do

Big ol' swoon. We do love him ! way more than we love our own guys.

We love him, with an asterisk. The broad-band smile, the Lincoln-esque bearing, the sense of the man as avatar of multiculturalism–it all makes Barack Obama the perfect U.S. president in the eyes of Canadians. Heaven knows we've been waiting. When the motorcade rolls down Wellington Street next week, or pulls up at Rideau Hall, you can expect dewy eyed kids to line barricades with paper flags, no matter how foul the Ottawa weather. Eighty-two percent of us say we approve of Obama, the polls indicate, and the number requires a moment to digest. Never mind American politicians. Who's the last "American" we can say that about ?

MacLeans - Canada's Love Affair with Barack Obama - Feb 23rd 2009

It's a snow stormy, blizzard conditions, wintry weather early morning Monday here at Black Street. Everything is canceled, it's too stormy even for the snow ploughs to be out on the roads. I was supposed to begin my first 3 hour stint volunteering with the high school art teacher today (two half days every 8 day cycle). I'll be working with the grade 9 students helping out with whatever projects they're currently working on and I can't wait ! I think it's going to be loads of fun and really good for this solitary designer gal to get outta Dodge for a bit and practice my tres rusty social skills and I really like teenagers. Plus I get to take my lunch both days and hang out in the lunch room with new adults - how exciting is that ?

Back to the nest with OliVer in tow.


  1. Wow Found a kindred Obama fan here..We are all waiting, watching ( and I guess putting some more pressure on him with our expectations) But at least it proves that we are optimists..
    Do tell how your experience was at the school..whenever that happens.

  2. I wholeheartedly concur on Obama!

    Have fun at school today! :^)

  3. You cannot imagine how wonderful it is to actually have an articulate...dare I say eloquent... president! We are beyond proud here at The House of Edward!

    Enjoy school! I always took my lunch, too!

  4. hahhahah.... when I saw the title, I thought you meant more of Oliver, seeing as he was yesterday's man of the hour.....

    oh, good for you doing the art class thingy.... wouldn't be for me... teens are not the age group I have any liking for...

    We, too, will soon be back in the throes of winter...dull, cloudy and some tiny flakes are beginning to swirl.... tomorrow it will be down to -17C and snowy.... perfect for driving up the dreaded Deerfoot to the airport to pick up Greg...... not my idea of fun....

  5. Uck, not the kind of weather I enjoy. But the art class sounds like fun and a good way to get out and about.

  6. Wonderful news about the art class.I enjoyed this age group to a resounding "But Mrs. T NOBODY loves Yr 9's!!" They have the middle-child syndrome of the high-school heirarchy.Enjoy!!!

  7. Isn't it just glorious to have a man in the White House who is elegant, articulate, brilliant, well read and knowedgeable? I breath a sigh of relief each day.
    He will have his missteps along the way but we have such faith in him, something I have not had in a long time.

    I am so excited for you about the school...: )


  8. I am wondering what Obamas approval rating is here in NZ, Im sure it must be quite high too. We used to have a 'coolish' Prime Minister, She liked the arts, cared about global warming, helped the little guys etc. Unfortunately she got voted out at the end of last year and now we are stuck with a Dull White Male. Boring.

  9. Please, if you haven't yet, read DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, by President Obama, do so. If you have access to the CD recording of the book, read by him, make an effort to get it and hear his words in his voice. Already both a fan of and voter for the man, this book was an eye-opener and gave me an even greater admiration for the man he made himself into.


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