Thursday, February 5, 2009

the path along the harbour and looking out into the Strait

Every day is a journey,
and that journey itself is home

Matsuo Basho

Home and place are on my mind.

I will miss this place ... I can't imagine myself anywhere else. My home, the first I've ever had, a place for me that's always felt safe, secure and filled with love and now I must gather all my courage and strength and find a new place ... a new home. Sigh. How much lighter it feels to consider my journey - to be my home.

Peace - the other name for home

Kathleen Norris


  1. Lovely pics. I can see why you'll miss it!

  2. Susan........I refuse to think of you and "les gang" living anywhere but 29 Black Street! Forgive me?

    Hugs to all........Carol

  3. If you have to leave 29 Black Street, I hope you find a place equally as soothing to your soul. Just having your furry friends with you brings you halfway home already.

  4. Thank you for this quote today, Susan. You know well I must apply its sentiment to my own situation as well. The journey as home. I am going to try to wrap my mind around that.

    Our conflicting emotions about where we are and where we're going are so very similar.

    Actually, I could go to that house out on the point in your first photo. ha ha

  5. It is hard for me to think of you as living anywhere else too, but I hope you take us all along for the ride. Change can be a good thing.

  6. You do live in an incredibly beautiful place, Susan.

    Love to you and Miss Winnie today! Edward is so happy....it is so cold!

  7. I love that quote,"Every day is a journey,and that journey itself is home." It's difficult to leave and also exciting! So much is possible...and your unknown future becomes visible! Susan, you know what I mean...because even if we decide to stay somewhere, we don´t know how things will turn out. (Your quote got me to thinking!)

  8. Have courage my friend. Life is ever changing, be open to the new possibilities that will enter your life. Leave you with two quotes:

    To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself. ~Soren Kierkegaard

    The torment of precautions often exceeds the dangers to be avoided. It is sometimes better to abandon one's self to destiny. ~Napoleon Bonaparte

  9. You and me both, Susan. Such a beautiful place, would be hard to leave. Change is exciting, and scary, and so very necessary.

  10. I cannot imagine you and the furry gang being anwhere but there in that cozy little cottage and amazing shoreline!

  11. Home is where the heart is, and I know you can make any place a warm and beautiful spot.

  12. Thank you sweet ones for all the love and encouragement. With all of you, my friend MLou and when M. Invincible pops in for tea - I do feel that I can "do" anything & everything. Merci.

  13. These are the most incredible photos I've seen of your yet. What view! wow.

    "How much lighter it feels to consider my journey - to be my home."

    --My dear Susan, you are such a precious soul. I will pray for your journey.

  14. I need to apply this sentiment to myself too in so many ways.

  15. Hi,
    What about a smaller place in the same village?

  16. it saddens me to think of you not living there by the harbor and posting all your gorgeous photos for us. but then i think how fun and exciting it will be to get to travel on the journey with you to your next home!! peace to you and the furry family!!


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