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Sunday, February 1, 2009

injurious insects - a vintage book page recently purchased at etsy.

Injurious - Hey watch out !

A fresh new month, the beginning of a new week and a brand new morning and all of this happening together on my most favourite day of the week - Sunday. That's gotta be some help from the Universe. Someone commented yesterday, it was Cynthia from Oasis Writing Link that she hoped that my vitality soon would return. Vitality - that is so exactly the word. Exactly the feeling that at times lately, times like yesterday and even the day before, and maybe the day before that - the feeling that is missing - my vitality is MIA.

Vitality : the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence.

When Miss D and I returned from our morning walk yesterday, a little later than usual, I noticed MLou had called and left a message. She uses les blog as a barometer to see how I'm doing and I guess yesterday's post was hinting at a potential plummet. I actually said to her that when I feel down, when these waves of sadness sweep over me I feel like my life has no purpose or meaning. She and I spoke for nearly an hour. A much welcomed chance for me to get the sadness out and off of me and one I most often am afraid to initiate that's the thing with sadness - it never feels welcome and it will always try to hide (but of course she knows all this). Miraculously it doesn't seem to matter what comes out of my mouth when speaking with MLou, she seems to understand it all. Whatever I say, she has a way of validating every tiny feeling I may have. She doesn't necessarily allow me to cling to those dark feelings, as I sometimes would love to do - my blanket of badness, but she never ever brushes them off. I suggested to her that all of this, big dark cloud, was far too much burden for one friend to carry. She instantly replied that it only seems like a burden to me, because it's my dark cloud, my giant weight - the weight that pulls me down under when I'm trying so hard to at least float - if not swim. She always speaks the same language as I do, with all the right inflections and the exact same dialect. How lucky is that ? This secret language of ours is completely unconditional and what more could you ever ask for. Big Happy Sigh.

Today ... I'll try again.

and guess who's hangin' here in the darkness with me ? Yup it's the Buddha boy, the mini retriever, my buddy - Sweet Ver. Purring, calico softness.


  1. Susan, I'm delighted along with you that a friend arrived via phone to apply needed balm to your aching spirits. I have carried around my own blanket of sadness...I try to shake it off before it covers me. I love that definition of vitality. It perks me up too!

  2. Susan forgive me if you are already familiar with this quote. I don't know where it's from - perhaps you or someone else may know, but it is just beautiful. "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words".What an interesting poster! I"m wondering in what way some of those dear looking butterflies or moths could be injurous - perhaps the caterpillars make you itch on contact.I think our scorpions, red-back spiders and soldier ants would give them what for!The featured insects look, for the most part, positively genteel!I hope that vitality of yours returns soon - your creative work certainly looks energetic and sparky!

  3. Good morning, sweet Susan. Sending you love and comfort your way for a bigger and brighter day (and month!)


  4. You know, I just read your Sat. and Sun. posts...There are many reasons for sadness, sometimes one can't even put ones finger on it and sometimes it's right there in front of you. Whatever your reasons may be, the things you can count on are WINTER as being one factor (hence your vitamin D need). As beautiful as it is, it lacks warmth. Artificial warmth is satisfactory, even enchanting, but real warmth feeds the soul.
    But the warmth I could never be without would be my my case, only 2 cats.
    Picture your life without your menagerie....and you think you're down and unmotivated NOW.
    At least we have them. Warmth and comfort.
    Have a good Sunday.

  5. Sending you love and good thoughts to warm you.

  6. that's the spirit.... grab those old bootstraps..and give 'em a haul.....

    my sis and I say it all the time to each other... ...then we threaten to kick our own asses up to our shoulders and all the way around the block...pretty soon we are laughing... then, we just get on with the business at hand.... try not to dwell on too much at the same time.... sometimes it is all much simpler and easier than we make it....

    even the deepest thinkers of many ages haven't figured it all out... why should we pile it on our little shoulders?

    hugs from the west coast.
    Vee and her HOAHM. ....(see where I even added an "a" ?... that means "all" .... yes indeed... of ALL of them.

  7. Love how you start this blog post. Lovely words.

    I can think of some of us who could do with Vitality today. Great word, isn't it?

  8. Thinking of you.
    Sending you one of Edward's big grins.

  9. Susan - an injurious bug update! Check out The Next Dangerous Thing on Granite Glen...a little Aussie nasty lurking to bring down grown men (ex rugby players no less!!)

  10. I believe that our very closest Mlou and my two or three dear ones are the most valuable asset in our lives.

    I responded to the word "vitality" also. That is a lovely word.


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