Sunday, October 11, 2009

Virginia creeper

Any day now huge flocks of Starlings will land on this side of the house to eat the berries (like small grapes) from our Virginia Creeper vine, ... sending Gussie & Oliver, who will crouch hidden on the other side of the window, into a mad, crazed kitten frenzy.

This red ... just sends me.

Off to walk with Miss D. it's fleece headband and glove weather this morning, there's a cold wind blowing in off the harbour and it sure feels like Autumn.

10am - what began as a chilly morning has turned into an absolutely glorious cloudless, blue sky, sunny fall day. I'll putter around outside this morning and after lunch our (Missy D & my) best girlfriends Deb & Maggie Sue will arrive for our weekly Sunday afternoon stroll around this little village. I watched Drain the Ocean on the Discovery Channel last night (previously taped on my combo VCR/DVD player) - a 2 hour documentary with amazing computer animation of what the ocean floor would look like if we could drain away the water - Wow ! and by drastic contrast my new favourite TV guilty pleasure show ... King of the Crown - Bizarre !


  1. Your photos are beautiful!
    About King of the Crown... I know! I stumbled on the show mid-episode and couldn't believe it. It's so bizarre you can't take your eyes off it.

  2. My husband and I were talking about Va. Creeper yesterday! I want to cut down an old and extremely cranky New Dawn rose that climbs over our bedroom bay window and replace it with a creeper. I fall in love with them everytime I go to the UK in the autumn. They are on every house and they just glow like fire. I love them. The rose bush reaches out and grabs my hair everytime I head to the back garden, and it's only pretty two weeks out of the year!

    Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your large photographs! They really show what a talent you have, as well as what a magical place it is you call home.

  3. So beautiful. Momma is wanting to visit that place one day.
    Benny & Lily

  4. The red leaves are beyond beautiful!

  5. That red is amazing. My Crayola crayons never looked like that.

    Just a heads up from the midwest, colder weather coming your way. I'm thinking some wonderful soup is in your future.

  6. You should add that last pic to your 4sale blog. Gorgeous and inviting.


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