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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more autumn colour

Goodness ... turns out First Aid kinda freaks me out ! and I'm so glad that the first day is over, the first day of leaving the security of my nest of brick & mortar and spending a full 8 hr work day out in the real world with people and interacting, chatting, practicing techniques on each other, having lunch together - and all with strangers. Eek ! People often don't realize how shy I am because I've learned, over the years, to hide it well. I'm nodding and smiling and lookin' all calm, cool and collected but if they only knew - my insides are jello. I kept reminding myself yesterday that this kind of social phobia is a human condition and I doubted that I was the only one feeling self conscious and nervous. In fact, I bet almost everyone was feeling the same way. I am certainly out of practice with this workplace atmosphere decorum, what with my past 8 years of isolated solitary self employedness - my social graces are certainly a tad rusted. Thankfully there is one person in the course that I know, and know fairly well and I clung to him the entire time (sat beside him and forced him have lunch with me ...) - I know he didn't mind 'cause he's a sweetie. But boy oh boy ! Mama sure was worn out when she got home last night.

Between all those potential first aid emergencies that had never occurred to me and now have a priority position on my already pretty long Things-to-Worry-About list plus all that social -izing. Phew what a day. I'm thinking day 2 is gonna feel like a warm breeze.

Oh, and the greeting I received from Missy D when I arrived home after a very long day was nothing short of ...spectacular, aerobatic and thrilling. I sure do love her.


  1. First Aid training? Good for you!
    I bet you're a whiz at it Susan! :)
    I know Miss D was glad to see her BFF ! xoxo

  2. I am an introvert - casual meetings and talk are a struggle, coffee after church is a trail, and I know that many other ministers are introverts in a profession that seems to be highly extroverted.

  3. although i survive very well out in the big world every day i would MUCH prefer to spend the bulk of my time alone. i'm an introvert who puts on the extrovert cloak daily in order to simply survive in the big world of business. big sigh!

    as for your first aid class, i think it sounds very intriguing. my daughter is a pediatric physical therapist and has become quite accustomed to fielding my medical questions. much less painful for us introverts. smile!

    please give missy d a big hug from me. i miss my happy happy joy dance with presley each day on my arrival home.

  4. Awww yay for Miss D for twirling, for your friend for eating lunch with ya and for you for making it through the day of social-ness

  5. And First Aid training is rather alarming in itself! Good for you for sticking it out, making the effort, and hopefully, going back the next day?


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