good morning

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don's in early this morning

Good morning ... (subtitled I sure hope Millie sees this 'cause I look some handsome)
I swear, without a doubt - He is the most perfect cat and I'm absolutely crazy about him - Oliver

More design work on la schedule for this weekend and you can be sure Mama's got a schedule - a plan. I do love a plan, more of an outline or a guide - not necessarily to be followed to a tee or carved in stone, but somewhere to start and a gentle reminder of the things that Gee it would be nice to get that done. The secret of my success is to schedule in 2-3 hours each weekend day for some R & R (readin' & reclinin') - a lovely pot of gold at the end of my productivity. I'm on a bit of a reading kick which pleases me to no end - so many great books out there to be read - and such little time. Currently I'm reading Sickened (a memoir) by Julie Gregory and a few of my waiting in the wings selections are as follows

The Missing - Time Gautreaux
Hurry Down Sunshine - Michael Greenberg
Wicked Plants - Amy Stewart
Galore - Michael Crummey
Methland - Nick Reding
Dewey - Vicki Myron
Hope for Animals and their World - Jane Goodall

and all ordered from my library system

It's fleece and down, blustery and cool this new morning. Happy Saturday !


  1. Millie says that only tabbies know how to be both beautiful and decorative on a desk.

  2. uh ... I think Oliver was hoping from Miss Millie avec la Nose Noir a little more "love" chat/cat.

    "Sigh, Chirp, I guess I'll go race around the house and practice my parkouring" said Oliver

  3. Susan, that is a wonderful picture of Oliver in a perfect setting. I have saved it to display on my desktop... you can never have too many pictures of a handsome cat.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Oliver is at his best and brightest this morning....and I think I detect a bit of a rogue demeanor peering out at me for the first time today...with his tophat cocked just "so" on that very handsome head, I am certain Ms Millie is literally swooning!

  5. Oh my word - that last picture of Mr. Oliver - I am swooning! He is SOOO handsome. And that sweet expression in his eyes. :) Have a wonderful weekend, and please give Oliver a scratch behind the ears from me. xox Pam

  6. Beautiful still life, your work space. Happy Saturday to you and le gang!

  7. What an awesome picture!
    Have a happy Saturday
    Benny & Lily

  8. That is indeed a beautiful and well-disciplined cat; mine always wants to sit on the keyboard or the mouse. Perhaps Canadian cats are better than British cats.
    You do not appear to be on Twitter; I have just sent a link to this post to my twitter friends (
    I hope you don't mind. I haven't copied the pictures, just linked to your blog, of course.

  9. oliver is so handsome! i love this photo and i have the same mac. woo hoo! i am working on the 15 things today. it makes my heart happy to make something just for you!

    i got a job. yep. in a garden shop. i really like the work they have for me too - i will be doing their internet and facebook and blog for them as well as the retail shop part. i still have some nursery duties but will job share with the man who does the heavy lifting. how cool is that?

    look for me to be adding fruit trees and more berries to chickory! yay!

  10. aw that's tres sweet Miss Chickory and it makes my heart happy to be making things for B. Shamu ... (and to know that you have a happy heart and a new great green job- hooray !)

    Not only is "he" handsome but he is the absolute best, most friendly, kinda-like-a-dog cat. I'm a lucky gal that he found me.

  11. What a "purty" cat! They have such a way of looking at you that seems so dignified and elegant, don't they?

  12. What a lovely portrait - you should be proud!

  13. Oh!, he seems to know that his portrait is been taken and has put on his best pose - elegant, dignified and with flair.

  14. Incredible the shadow on Oliver....what a handsome boy! The one where he is looking down at the book, looked like he was reading!

  15. Oliver could turn me into a cat person quite easily.


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