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Monday, October 26, 2009

oh my goodness ... I love this photo of Missy D

'Cause that's exactly who Winnie is. Calm and beautiful, regal and proud, loving and absolutely gorgeous. And you know ... I'm just crazy about her. She's been so tolerant of the new girl round here - our little miniature wire haired coyote - Miss Piper Belle who's middle name seems to be Exuberant. She who wags her tail constantly and with such gusto I've been thinkin' I may be able to harness her up and do a little coyote bush whacking. She's also a big time snuggler and would sleep each night curled up into a ball in my armpit if I'd allow it (but that makes it difficult for me to turn the pages of my book). She only has one tiny flaw, one which is my responsibility to keep in check - from the moment she walked in the door here at 29 Black Street she became (potentially) a tad possessive of her new home and of her new Mama - not unusual for shelter dogs who's one wish is to find someone to love. She snapped at Oliver a few times (the kind of snap that isn't meant to make contact - mere threats they are) and of course Don was completely unfazed by this momentary lax in decorum and Piper had a little squabble with Winnie over who was going to sleep in the purple dog bed (and we've got plenty o'dog beds here) Winnie won that squabble resoundingly of which I am very thankfully. I would never want Winnie's status within this old brick house to be threatened and we just won't let that happen.

I'm not sure if Desi arrives tonight or not - that should be an interesting twist in the mix but I'm counting on both girls to be in such a big ol' swoon over his brawny handsome self that they will both (especially Miss P. Belle) be on their best behaviour.

And Oh ... oh thank goodness !! my cover art for HOW magazine is finished and ready to be sent over the web waves to Ohio. I must say I am very happy with the finished product (which is saying a LOT 'cause it's not easy to make myself very happy). It took me from 10am -7pm (with a break at 4:30 to walk with the girls and sit a spell on our grassy hill in glorious very warm sunshiny weather). I was so tense all day. The thing with collage art is you can never really predict what the finished piece will look like - you just have to put yourself in a trance like state, repeat the word TRUST softly and often and most important try to remember to breath occasionally - it did feel like I was holding my breath most of yesterday.

But it's finished, and I like it - Big ol' PHEW & Hooray !! Here's hopin' the art director loves it too. A huge gigantic item scratched off la list.

she's a cross between a little lamb and a miniature golden coyote - Miss P. Belle


  1. They are just precious Susan! Hugs to the les gang? :)

  2. I'm just so dog happy, all my bloggy friends are adding to their packs. New furry faces everywhere.
    Also glad the Big Project is done and sent. Can't wait to see it.
    Happy Monday everyone.

  3. She's got a lovely face too. It will be fascinating to hear how the next addition to the family affects the dynamics of the family!

  4. Ooops, 'family' typed in twice! But you know what I mean....

  5. Welcome to all the new pups! Piper is a cutie...and Desi? Well, would Lucy say about that? Will there be cuban songs and latin dancing at 29 Black Street? Ruffles and tango steps for everyone!

    xo Mlou

  6. Beautiful Susan. Just beauitful.

    I love your pretty blue skies in the pics too. So peaceful and serene looking.

  7. Winnie and Piper will work out the hierarchy thing...might get a little dicey with YOU in the mix...some of mine act just fine together until I show up and then the REAL battle is mounted! If Desi is an alpha this could get very interesting. I am praying for all of you! These are some VERY fortunate dogs!

  8. Oh, don't they look like the perfect matched pair?! So, so , so happy for you all. I remember when Apple was a puppy. Edward, just a year older, but much more reserved, had to tolerate a lot from that girl. She would take his lead in her mouth and pull like crazy if we all were not moving fast enough to suit her. She would run underneath him, and climb on top of him. He retained his dignity completely and could still her with one serious look. Still does. I am awaiting news of Desi with much excitement!

    And congratulations on your cover art completion. Pleasing oneself is the hardest part, I think!

  9. The cutest dogs ever! And what a wonderful blog!

  10. Hi Susan, Gee I dont read your blog for three days over the weekend and I come back and you have an expanded family. :) Happy for you.

  11. I thought of you + the gang for this:Share the story of your pet's adoption along with photo and you could win a trip for two to
    New York City to attend a taping of The Martha Stewart Show, a year's supply of Purina
    ONE pet food, and the chance to choose which One Hope Network shelter receives a
    $10,000 donation from Purina ONE.
    Go to Martha Stewarts website for more info..... Good Luck!!
    Tail Wags to All.

  12. ooh,the Martha thing sounds great. You have the loveliest dogs and the best pics and a great way with words:)
    Piper is a cutie!

  13. You take the best pictures ever. Mom wants us to fly there so you would take bunches of pictures of us. She gets crazy sometimes!! Good luck with your cover project
    Benny & Lily

  14. So beautiful! Doggies, landscape, skies, everything! Thanks for sharing! Inspiring me to take new pics of my golden retriever pup...

  15. that last photo needs to be added to your sidebar. "welcome piper belle!!!"


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