piper belle & desi beau

Friday, October 23, 2009

introducing Piper Belle - Winnie's new friend and accomplice

We picked Miss Belle up from the shelter yesterday. She's been through a lot in the last few weeks to a month. She's had a litter of puppies although the shelter has no idea what happened to them. She's made a big trip across the straight to the UPEI vet college to be spayed and then back to the shelter, so needless to say she's a bit traumatized, likely confused and as a result of all this seems a tad hyper. She's very sweet. Madly thumps her tail if you should look in her direction, she carries a bright orange ball around with her, whimpers at it and tucks it in beside when she sleeps and the girls at the shelter think that Piper thinks this ball is her baby, her missing puppy.

Everyone at 29 Black Street (even me) has their nose slightly out of joint as we slowly make the adjustments of adding another to our pack. And of course there have been many accidents but through the night and this morning Piper did let me know when she needed to go outside. She's been an outside dog and then a kennel dog all her life - we think she's 2. The cats, especially Mr. Oliver feels perhaps Mama's paying' just a little too much attention to this new wriggling furry beast. But I feel confident things will settle down and into a new ( x 5 and hopefully 6) routine very quickly. She's currently on my bed sleeping in with her orange ball. Miss D, who's exhausted also from the stress of yesterday's big outing (a vet visit, a stranger in the car with us - my friend Louise and a trip to the shelter where she originally came from long ago) is sleeping in her comfy nest at my feet and under the teak topped desk. We also met this handsome shepherd mix named Desi who's 11 and who's chances of being adopted at his age are slim to none ... and we just may foster him. I really would like to - I fell instantly a little in love with his handsome grey muzzle and soft whimpering. I know that I have just the kind of love that sweet Desi needs. I'll hear more about that fostering possibility later today.

This all just feels ... right.

Miss D and Miss P on our grassy hill last evening


  1. Just wonderful, Susan. Congratulations to the family.

  2. ... of course, I meant congratulations to the pack! They are so fortunate to be found by you.

  3. Oh Susan this is great! Welcome to
    the les gang Miss Piper Belle and perhaps Desi too! I know what you mean about the "noses" out of joint! We had a crooked nose week around here when Roxie joined us but now it's all love!! :)

  4. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Sounds like Piper Belle can use all the loving and attention you and the critters can heap on her. She is lovely.

    Hope you can find space in your heart and home for Desi. There are so many animals who need a good home. Good on you for providing that.

    Will stay tuned to see if Desi will move to 29 Black St.

  5. Wonderful! I'm so pleased for you - hopefully she'll be just what you and Winnie need. The cats will come round in time; you know all too well that they like to reserve judgement and keep everyone on their toes for a while!

    I wonder if Piper would like a nice soft teddy bear?

  6. With tears of joy rolling down my face I congratulate you on the sweet new additions to your family! This kind of news always makes a day PERFECT for me! You are doing such a wonderful service in the name of rescuers everywhere! Thank you for opening your heart and your home to Piper and, hopefully, Desi, too. That Desi situation will likely end in a tragic result if you are not permitted to take him. I am VERY proud to call you my friend! God bless you for stepping up to meet part of the great need of homeless dogs and cats in this world!

  7. oh susan this is such wonderful news!! i'm so glad you decided to get another dog. piper looks delightful and i just know winnie will enjoy having a new friend to romp with (as will you!!).

  8. Congratulations on the newest member of the family! She's a sweetie!

  9. Humans like you are wonderful. Welcome Miss Belle.
    Benny & Lily

  10. I am absolutely flabbergasted!!! And so happy. That little Piper Belle is a white version of Winnie! I will pray that everybody gets along. And Desi Beau is so handsome. I am so glad you get to foster him. He looks younger than 11. Those two dogs have walked straight into Heaven!

  11. All's I can say is a HAPPY HAPPY
    Woof Woof to All + of course many many tail wags too.

  12. Well you know I have the biggest grin on my face. I think this is just what Miss D. needs and she's just the cutest thing. Don't even get me started on the tre handsome shepherd Desi, you know how I am about shepherds.
    So very happy for you and you're rapidly expanding pack.
    Jacob and Sarah approve.

  13. I had no idea!!! How on earth did I miss this?? Oh Susan, she's a sweetie and the perfect compliment to Winnie!! What a cozy household you shall have this winter. I feel as tickled as if it were me and I shall be telling Edward and Apple!!

  14. Congratulations! Drop by my blog and meet my new puppy. The shelter dubbed her "Winnie" but we are thinking of changing it...I need doggie advice something fierce...all I know is how to love them...

  15. Bless you!
    Desi looks like he could worm his way into my heart. What a kind gentle face.
    That Piper is a wee firecracker!

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