I love ...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

early morning silhouettes - walking up the hill toward the schools

I love ...

living by the ocean • the sound of seagulls • the happy chattering of finches at the nyjer seed feeder • the smell of the ocean - of salt spray as Missy D and I walk along the harbour's edge •
the smell of grass as she and I sit, once again, each early evening on our grassy hill* • hanging clothes and bedding on the line in the back garden • my morning coffee tucked into the nest of down & flannel • my bath, my much loved land of bubbles & scent • living in a tiny village •
feeling happy, confident, safe & secure - most of the time and all with such unabashed abandon I'm continually surprising myself • being in love (with a person**) ... and being loved in such
a big, wonderful way.

* the famous grassy hill
also the location of our first date with the handsome cowboy and the beautiful brown hound
** my other
big love

standing on Black Street, in front our the old brick house at No. 29


  1. I LOVE your photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  2. That is all so you. Lovely. Cozy.

    BTW, I only said Hedgehog as I read of diff types form the book review but did not know what any of them were in fact. Now, when I get the book I am quite sure I will see how you;ve been a turtle but perhaps your shell is slowly coming off? So what would that make you then? :)

  3. So beautiful - the visual and the emotional - so beautiful.


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