parkour* n'est pas ?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oliver waiting to be packed up and off to Newcastle Upon Tyne across the large pond

He plans to compete with his true love Miss Millie avec les Nose Noir in the extreme feline games held this year somewhere in the North of England. Their main event - egging- gathering eggs from nests high up in trees. Not only a sport involving much skill and dexterity but also stealth and ingenuity, for danger lurks round ever branch. Oliver's quite convinced that his abilities to zoom around and up ... things at top, top speeds (chairs, walls and such) will be an asset to his team of two. He can't wait and is hoping to bring home the gold (and the heart of his paramour). Madonna still has not called (sad cat face).

If his Mama gets her shit together she may include a few items for the team in his shipping crate.
Fortunately the team is well aware of Mama's procrastinating ways and I'm told they are not holding their collective breath in anticipation of les gifts from afar. Phew !

* l'art du feline d├ęplacement (warning la tete banging & tres loud music)


  1. Millie awaits. She has been ill and is just recovering her old energy. The human was very worried; Millie is the sickest-looking sick cat you ever saw. But the threat of a trip to the vet worked miracles! A nest-raiding companion would be excellent, she thinks. The bird-loving human just frowns.....

  2. Jacob the ever attentive Squirrel Watcher asks me to tell you to tell Oliver that Jacob is an excellent chase coach. He has a training center all set up, ready and waiting.

  3. sigh ... "we" love a chase coach, smiles Oliver - anything that even remotely seems like play - we're in. Merci Jacob !

    I'll have my person contact your person - toute suitest. Oliver PmE (parkour master extraordinnaire)

  4. Cats in a box. Always a Purrfect way to spend the day.

  5. You are sooooo funny, Susan! Oliver & long last?

  6. Dangit, for a sec there I thought you were serious. Doh. Need to put down the computer and pick up the escapist vampire novels. Hahaha good one Susan!


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