sweetie doo

Friday, April 30, 2010

daffodils - a favourite polaroid from les Black Street photo archives

We are more often frightened than hurt
and we suffer more from imagination than from reality

Seneca (Roman philosopher mid 1st century AD)

It's raining, the wind is whispering around this old brick house, the air is cool and the sea is choppy and rough. It's the first day of lobster season and the fisherman all left our little harbour before dawn this early morning. They're placing their lobster traps today out in the strait.

and below ... more favourites photographs from the archives. Photos of daffodils, the rarely seen neat as a pin teak topped desk and the biggest ol' sweetie doo ever.


  1. Wait....what? First day of WHAT???

  2. Seneca was right. And Jake's photo brings tears to the eyes - such a sweetie. And I never met him...

    Shamy. DOWN.

  3. I've always had a fondness for your daffodil shots. ..love the lilac ones too. simply marvelous.


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