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Sunday, October 17, 2010

burgundy leaves turning and perfect red berries - Rachel from NuT will identify please

These photos are from yesterday afternoon out in the back garden, near the back forest where I found the cowboy high, high up the extension ladder lovingly removing Virginia creeper from an elm tree he had just pruned. Add arborist to his list of many talents.

I can't remember what this shrub is called but I'm hoping that the team from Newcastle (upon Tyne) will come through as usual or perhaps Marie if she happens to read this post. In summer this shrub has quite brilliant but small pinkish red blossoms and another shrub, similar in size in the front garden, is laden with white blooms. The birds will eat this beautiful berries.

It's officially a yucky fall day here. The wind is howling and the driving rain is coming down in a definite horizontal fashion. When the light finally arrives I'm sure we'll see that the harbour is no longer grey blue but churned up with white caps racing along brownish red water. A good day to be doing inside things ... like tidying offices, gabbing on the phone with my one and only sister, helping to gyp rock a portion of the ceiling, making Morrocan vegetable soup* and reading (of course) tucked under a blanket with all three cats vying for a sleeping position on me, a cup of tea and of course my sweet Missy D snoring contently nearby.

What's your Sunday plan ?


  1. Nope, not this time! Sorry.....

    The NuT team, some of whom wonder if it is a good shrub for climbing/hiding/pouncing?

  2. Could it be a bridal wreath spirea ?

  3. To: Team NuT
    From : Les Gang

    A-OK, No. 1, most definitely !!

  4. Hi Susan... just you wait, you're going to get some magnificent days after the storm... I think you are about 2 days (weather wise) behind us in upstate New York and it is amazing here!

    I believe the unidentified shrub is Barberry... the thorns are verrrrry sharp, right?

  5. and we have a winner ...
    thanks Kathie, Barberry it 'tis !

    verrrrry thorny & perhaps not so good for climbing, HIDING, pouncing unless of course it was the dreaded feline boobytrap

  6. It looks like my barberry out front.

  7. You've got some lovely images on this blog - what a great online portfolio! I'm always so interested to understand what inspires people creatively. It's so personal and unique to each person, which is awesome!

    If you feel like browsing around blogs, do check out mine. I'm a documentary film maker and it's about all the things I find interesting, thought-provoking, inspiring. I think you might like it.



  8. Let's see. A book, a blanket, tea, three furry heating pads, and a snoring, much loved dog. There's clearly much warmth in your home.

  9. that an official technical term?

    Today is yard work day. LEAVES!!! Free, come and get them.

  10. John, you forgot to mention helping gyp rock a ceiling which I signed up for with great trepidation - my job to help hold the giant, awkward (and tres heavy) piece in place while up a ladder hands free (they're holding) Yikes !! while the Prince screwed in the dry wall screws.

    Apparently I am les goddess of gyprock holding. And I quote ...

    "you are very strong" me beaming ;-)

    Uh, sorry Shammy Sham we don't need anymore leaves.

    Thanks for stopping by Yolanda and yes I will pop over to check out your blogs and films. Peace & love to you too!

  11. Yep, berberis - invasive deluxe, but you can eat the berries, quite astringent.

  12. I love yucky fall days here! :) Well, my Sunday started off COMPLETELY on the wrong foot, but eventually did turn around a bit for the better. I took a small road trip with a dear friend here to do some photography and was able to capture quite a few good photos. As always, I'm always running through my mind what YOU would do or look for while out snapping pictures. :)

    Missing you lots. Much love to you and the furry gang. xo


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