Thursday, October 28, 2010

beautiful original watercolour by dimdi

The means to gain happiness
is to throw out from oneself, like a spider

in all directions an adhesive web of love,
and to catch in it all that comes


We have a pet spider in our kitchen. She is black and shiny. She's built her dusty nest underneath the kitchen cabinets, at the back and at the corner that faces the sink. There is a fluorescent tube light high above the sink, the kind that gives off that slightly eerie blueish light and it will be changed into something brighter & better when the cowboy & handy cat arrive at the kitchen reno. For now this task light will do. When I'm washing the dishes I observe her. I've tried several times to capture her over the summer to take her outside, to place her on a plant or tree, to take her to a new much larger world. And every time I reach for her, gently, with my spider/insect capturing apparatus she stubbornly crawls into a little crevice between the wall and cabinet, her petite cave, she hides from me, saying No thank you, I like it here ... so I leave her.

Fruit flies are her specialty ... a delicacy.

I love spiders ... and would never dream of killing one.

Please check out dimdi's amazing etsy shop. 8 x 10 original watercolours - $25. a steal and she also will lovingly paint custom pet portraits ... oh oh ;-)


  1. Love this story of the spider. I don't kill them either, they are a big help with the tiny annoying buggers that get into the house. You're right, that spider portrait is beautiful.

  2. eh hhhmmmm

    thank you B. Shammy for the lonely comment. No spider lover's out there I guess.

    Just us

  3. Thank you for the link to dimdi's etsy shop - a custom portrait of my MIL's cats could be the perfect Christmas present!
    But alas, no, after suffering from some pretty severe spider bites, I cannot say I'm willing to share indoor space with them. They are beautiful, but outdoors only.

  4. I do, i do love spiders, waving madly from the wet coast. But do choose your spiders wisely Susan as some are not nice. Have you checked out her underbelly for the sign of the black widow? Actually the only one that scares the beegeezers outta me is the brown recluse.The damage he can do is unbelievable.

  5. She looks very much like the spider in this watercolour painting. She's petite, shiny black-ish and very good at scooting into her hollow whenever I try to capture her. Now winter's coming perhaps I'll get the cowboy to make her a little house. ;-)

    I've never been bitten Kate but I've seen the results on others. I'm hoping she won't bite me.

  6. i never would either! Flys though--no problem.


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