Thursday, October 21, 2010

digital prints of this keeper coming soon ! to the shop

I'm needin' to learn both Photoshop and Illustrator - and fast. You may be thinking Hey ! I thought you just mentioned handcraft. Uh Huh ! Yes I did, but both these amazing programs become just like paintbrushes, exacto knives, glue sticks, glue pens* or much loved mechanical pencils, they're more tools to have and to use in my creative kit so that each new piece I work on can actually become the vision that I have in my head ... you know, that darn ol' perfectionist head. Makes me mad when I can't make something the way my head sees it only because of a lack in skill. Errrgggghhhh. Tutorials here we come.

Off to walk through crisp falls leaves with my best gal Missy Darn Dee

* OMG crazy about this new tool.


  1. I've got so much occupying my time that I'm missing most of my blogs these days. The only good thing is when someone points out something I REALLY should have read days ago; or when I come back to your site and SMILE over your latest creations. In some future life we just GOTTA be neighbors. I promise not to sing too loud...

  2. You always make me smile! I have photoshop but I too need to learn how to use it as well! :)


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