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Saturday, January 28, 2012

ca - 5 x 7 original collage drawing - Susan Black

I get way too bogged down at times in thinking (planning & scheming). I am a big thinker, I'm one who gets lots o' kicks from attacking a topic or an idea from all angles with les deadly Susan B thought rays. These last 2 collages, created in the last two days, had little to no conscious thought involved, not a plan, no intention(s) - to be honest that totally freaks me out

30 minutes (minimum) of creativity each day for 30 days - a suggestion, perhaps even a kind order ! from friend, creative colleague & CE* mentor Deanne. Surely, in my big daily to-do list (comprised of mostly freelance jobs & obligations) I can carve out 30 for 30. I'm 2 for 30
today & I'm rockin' it on - despite a wee, expected, plunge in my over-the-top-enthusiasm.

Bonjour Plunge ! I've been waitin' for you ... sorry, but you mustn't stay too long

Really windy, wild & icy here today
It's a perfect day for some snug-as-a-bug, let's mess around some & play

* creative empire


  1. Cool idea!

    Now I'm singing "Big Spender" though. "The minute you walked in the joint (boom boom) I could tell you were a woman of distinction, a real big thinker!" Haha

  2. Doing is the best cure for plunges. Good for you for taking the dips in stride.

  3. Its a funny thing because as I looked at the collage image before reading the writing, a voice in my head said 'claire, you should just collage and draw one day with no agenda like Susan does.' Then I read what you'd wrote! ;0
    We all spend life climbing in and out of our little boxes don't we!


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