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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

cat with crown No. 2 by (nearly 7 years old) Sweet Bee - cat with crown No. 1 - here

Worry is spiritual short sight.
It's cure is intelligent faith

Paul Brunton

Tomorrow afternoon I begin a weekly stint volunteering at the Cyrus Eaton elementary school. I'll be doing art & crafts with 2 small groups of kids. The first hour will be grades 1-3, the second hour grades 4-6. I can't wait, I've have been thrilled at the opportunity but also, strangely, have been feeling quite nervous + anxious about my first day - tomorrow (eye roll). Natch.

Though I am getting so much better, when worry & fret come bangin' on the door of my mind, I send them a packin'. My new rule is I'm not allowing to pre-worry about an event or a happening in my life. I've known about this "teaching" art to kids gig for months now, I've known the start day was Wed. Jan 04, so every time W & F tried to sneak in there & get comfy I've been telling them adamantly "go away & come back later ... a few hours before I'm set to begin the art thing & then you both, worry & fret, might help me prepare. But don't come back until then". Foot stomping, serious look, avec furrowed brow !! I mean it. Once my first session with the kids is behind me I know it's going to be a weekly event that I really look forward to. I bet the kids are going to call me Ms. Black - that's gonna feel a little weird. + ta-da-ta-da speaking of Cyrus ...

I emailed his new family on new year's day. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Asking if they would mind keeping me posted on his progress and maybe, if it wasn't too much trouble, sending me a photo every now & then as he grew up. I received my first few photos this morning and these few sentences

Thank you for rescuing Cyrus & giving him to us. I understand how he made a big impression on you – it's only been a few days & we can’t imagine life without him.

He was raised on the TTD* so we think he's going to be a desk cat. Heart swelling goodness ;-)

* TTD - teak topped desk


  1. What? Worry and fret when you are going to thrill these little kids way beyond belief? Don't you know that they fall in love with teachers, especially the ones that give them wonderful things to do? They are going to adore you!

    Now start worrying about how you are going to tear yourself away after each session.....

  2. I know ... it's weird. I do feel a little like I'm about to go on stage. How lovely about lil Cyrus eh ??

    eh ?? eh ??? ... proof positive of my Canadian ancestry xoxoxo S & les Gang

  3. You will be fine + dandy... mom loves being around those little chairs! She brings Marty (little traveling printing press) through out our school district. I notice Cyrus is by a Mac in his new home too! Tail wags for your 1st day with the kiddos.

  4. good eye Mr. Moose
    I missed the apple
    thanks, xoxo Susan

  5. You're gonna do so great with the kids! Wish you were coming to my kids' school!

    Cyrus looks happy - and in charge. haha So glad his family loves him.

  6. you will be wonderful. I used to travel all over georgia for the nea doing art residencies in poor rural communities. it was amazing how much i could do -back then they gave us a really good supply budget. I made a lifetime friend of the principal in one school which i visited twice: one on the taxpayers dime, the next with money raised by the community. Its probably why i ended up buying chickory as i stayed in a mountain farmhouse during my stays. THe children were wonderful -sponges of knowledge. My best advice: when you draw in front of them, you will gain their respect. I used to play a game "stump miss cook" which was they could ask me to draw anything and I would -often with little funny aspects to them. They would squeal with delight. You will be awesome. you really will. and it is a bit like being on stage, so have fun with it.

    i like that cat. and i miss ol cyrus too. I wish I could have a kitty. I never thought id say that either.

    go you!

  7. I love that little cat. I'm glad you are receiving updates. I like seeing them, too.

  8. Sounds like an absolute hoot! You're going to have such a blast with the kids - the things they come up with are a total trip sometimes. The kids in Leslie's class love it when i draw cartoons for them - they all crowd around shouting what they want me to draw next! And hey, Bee's b'day must be close to Leslie's if it's coming up - Leslie's is on the 6th and she is also going to be seven! Happy Bee-day to her!
    cheers - n

  9. Heart swelling goodness, indeed!! :)

  10. I love that Cyrus has taken over his new Mom's desk 'cause that was his fav hang out here at 29 Black - my new little office temp. for 3 weeks.

    Thanks Chick for the vote of confidence. A fun game Miss Bee and I play while drawing is to combine two unlikely animals like a fish & a bird. A cat & a rooster. A jellyfish & a pony

    + Hey Norman, Bee's birthday is Valentine's Day.
    Happy B-Day Leslie !

    MS hello to the sweeties - "the" belated parcel has been mailed

    Chez a big uh!huh!! heart swelling!

    & Judy I am thrilled, made me cry so sweet of his new family to keep me updated & that they already are crazy about him. But he's that kinda kitten - charming & dear.

  11. Sounds like great fun. Good to know the sense of community is alive and well in Canada.

  12. Madly in love with that sweet drawing. They are so lucky to have you for a teacher :)


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