oh my red

Monday, January 23, 2012

some gorgeous red for you & for me this early January rainy mild morning

you are
what you are seeking

St. Francis

right on !

'cause I'm seekin' JOY.

I'm off here this early morning, driving in with dear friend Harry who I haven't seen in ages hooray !, for a day of raucous creativity, homework chatting & maybe lunch ;-) Thank you to Claire for reminding me of that just-what-I-needed-to-hear quote. Heard this song in the grocery store yesterday - I had the album, loved every song, knew every word, played it over & over again, singing along - wonder what ever happened to Terrence Trent Darby ??


  1. And here I thought the red was to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Happy adventuring today, and drive carefully - it's crazy rainy here on the South Shore, and likely headed yr way. xo n

  2. wow those look just like your paintings!! beautiful reds no wonder they symbolize passion.

  3. What ever happened is a good question! I'm also a TTD fan and have tried to keep up with him over the years. Basically, he changed his name to Sananda Maitreya and moved back to Europe. Love how poetic TTD's music is but not really into the newer material.

  4. Awesome quote, love the red, happy day to you!

  5. red, so red, now I know how red gets to be so red , so thank you,
    gorgeous photos


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