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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rhododendron- a big splash of hot pink in our front jungle of green

Try not.
Do, or do not ...
there is no try


When I read this quote it hit me ... I'm camped out much of the time in try
I'm going to try to eliminate that word from my vocabulary... oops ! wink

A Blue Skies bath awaits • A walk along a crescent beach with my girl Winn - she's Watson to my Sherlock, we love to investigate and discovery things on our walks Hey Missy D come see this ? • I love her • 7 hours today spent in the little decor & gift shop owned by good friend Harry, I'll take my pile of current work with me • Lots and lots more drawings to do and mock-ups too, things are happily busy here at the teak topped desk • A raccoon is living in our back yard and appears each evening when the light is still golden and the greens have all turned bright and citrus coloured • I am so tempted to leave food for he/she, little raccoon delicacies but I know that would be a mistake, especially living with Miss Terrier Mix girl • the days are sunny and long, the air is warming and summer has begun to creep into this little village.


  1. I wish I had a raccoon visitor.We see tracks all through the big garden by the pond but no real sighting.They love sardines!
    A hug to all the les gang!

  2. Edward and Apple once treed a raccoon at six in the morning. It made for a rather long day that only ended when Raccoon Rescue...yes there is such a place...came to help. The fellow turned quite vicious when put on a leash, so I was grateful that Edward hadn't caught him on the ground. All ended well, however, as he was carted off to a more hospitable environment. No, don't feed him.

    Love to all!!

  3. Pamela, wise words from another terrier mix Mama- Miss D although generally sweet in disposition becomes another creature when her terrier genes are triggered. Mama only has to recall our golf course culvert/muskrat sessions when her true Scottish Muskrat Hound breeding (or any small-medium mammal for that matter) shows it's unfortunate self. Missy D + raccoon = not good.

    No sardines for Mr. Raccoon but thanks Carol for the tip and you & hubby - Garden On !!

  4. You know I wondered what to send Winnie in a certain package soon to be winging it's way north and now I have the perfect idea. Her very own imported Midwestern Grey Squirrel. No,no, don't thank me and really, I can spare many more.
    You're welcome.

  5. Love the Hot Pink...We have always told ppl to try thing, try new stuff, give it a try, you wont know if you try...and other famous quotes...So good luck...and DO have a good week..

    Sonia ;)

  6. Hey B. Shamu !! what no muskrats in Missouri ?

    Missy D says "oh boy my very own squirrel"
    we heart rodents!

  7. (...quickily looks for a MUCH bigger box...)

  8. You have the most EXQUISITE PINK and other colors and flowers in your yard....no wonder you struggle so with leaving your little slice of heaven on earth.

    Much love!


  9. Good morning, sweet Susan! Those pictures are STUNNING! Just when I think you've done your best photography, you top it off once again. Seriously! Whoah!

    Wishing you THE most beautiful day. Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  10. no raccoon visitors here although we do have bunnies, mallards, geese and a large variety of birds. i'm trying to envision how miss winnie d would react to finding a raccoon in HER back yard. she might just think a new cat had come to live.

  11. lovely. hope the time in the shop went well and you did indeed get to do your art work whilst there. How good you can do that --atleast now and then.

    I can only imagine how welcomed that warm air must be up there in NS after a long winter. Enjoy!


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