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Sunday, June 21, 2009

29 Black Street, Apartment B - The Lil' Man & Oliver's cardboard condo

or further tales of kitten antics

Since we're on the topic of crazy cat tales - please pop over to slow lane life for an in depth expose on the pros and cons and antics provided by real fur, fake mice cat toys - sure to make you giggle. While on this subject of cat entertainment - how about the love of the much too small cardboard fruit basket ? the large paper shopping bag left casually on the floor ? or the big cardboard box dutifully prepared by Mama with the addition of cut out doors and windows ?

Oliver - handsome, talented and tres athletic among his many admirable traits has developed a penchant, a deep passion for something the French invented and call "parkour" or free running. Where suddenly, as if a gun has gone off, he will race into a room at top speed pinging off walls and chairs and then scrambling up the clothes drying rack as fast as possible to which I casually glance over and ask ... Parkour anyone ? He has very great hopes to star in an upcoming Madonna video and feels he must be practicing all the time.

In this household other favourites include the (previously mentioned) large wooden clothes drying rack, surely the most excellent ongoing test of climbing, balance and agility skills not to mention the perfect spot for a rousing game of So ...Who's the King of the Castle Now, the tall opened painting ladder (second only to the clothes drying rack). And finally, the two all time favourites at the moment 1.) the ocelot lure - a daily thrill had by all (always managing to lure the Lil' Man from his hiding place in Apartment A) and 2.) another huge hit - the real fur, fake mouse.

further reading and here

ocelot lure in action

unsuspecting real fur, fake mouse napping innocently on the bed


  1. Oliver is going to get him!!!It's the real fur that deserve all of the credit. Your Ollie is so intense and determined to catch a mouse-move...what a face!!! <3

  2. "unsuspecting real fur, fake mouse napping innocently on the bed" I laughed when I saw this. Lovely picture and peaceful "before" scene. I can picture the "after" readily. POUNCE!!! Scrabble, bite and carry:)
    I love cat antics.

  3. My three kitties love the 2am "let's run around the house as if the devil himself was right on our tails" romp. My oldest 'knocks' at my bedroom door when bored. And let's not forget the "hey, guys, let's tag team the new dog and drive her insane, maybe she'll relocate!" chase. Which, I might add, our husky shepherd mutt adores! Much furniture rattling and posturing by all. :)

  4. Thank you for the mention! great post - this will strike a chord with many cat owners!

  5. Oliver is a charmer, isn't he? Does he ever try to jump out the windows, or are they screened? I can imagine mine trying to fly! Is everything cool and breezy there? We have had terrible heat.

  6. cats are just soooo much entertainment....people who have never had the right sort of playful cats just don't know what they are missing. It is always such fun to introduce a non-cat person to them as well..the total belly laughs are hilarious.... I love it...I love cats and their entertainment value.....

    oh, and...don't forget Christmas wrappings ... on or off a gift....

  7. This is my first visit to your charming blog. I looove me some kitty!!! I've had two boys and one girl.
    Now, it's just my little diva. She's had me wrapped around her paw for 16 wonderful years. Animals truly bring a peace and comfort like no others!

    I've enjoyed taking a peek through your past posts.

    I hope you come by for a visit sometime. I'm on a bit of a break, but I think you'd have a nice stroll through some of my previous posts too. :D

    Sweet wishes,

  8. hhee hee to that comment on bottom. :)


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