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Friday, June 19, 2009

just in case ...

I might want or need the addition of one tres handsome cat dans my oriental poppy portraits. 'Cause, he's just saying ... ya know pretty much everything looks better with an Oliver. Thank you M. Universe for sending me the most amazing cat -
M. Personality Plus, my red retriever in disguise - my sweet VerVer.

Lavender, orange and patchouli bubbles are pourin' - I'm shakin' things up a bit this early morning here at 29 Black Street.

I gotta warn you, I took a billion zillion shots of the first oriental poppies from my garden yesterday uh huh ! a kazillion. So get ready for Poppies & more Poppies. I love taking photographs and the amazing thing about photography (or painting, or drawing) is once you begin to be aware, to really look around and see through the eyes of creativity, there is beauty and wonder and gorgeous light everywhere you look and often in the most simple and mundane settings. You can tell when something is a true passion, and has it's grip on you because you can't make yourself stop doing it. You become driven to do it, all the time, because it makes you feel good and it becomes a part of who you are - it makes you feel alive and satisfied and the amazing bonus that comes along with all of this is whatever your craft or outlet for creativity is - the more you do it - the better you become at it. It's that simple. Trust me on this one, I started out life as a graphic designer (they don't like to draw generally), I didn't draw and in fact did everything possible to avoid drawing - and now, fast forward 10+ years later and drawing is what I happily do for a living. Practice does makes perfect. The more I do it - the better I become and the more I amaze myself (and sometimes even Madam Invincible).

I can see a difference in my photography since this blog began and I see an even bigger difference in my desire to take pictures. I'm becoming more experimental, I'm playing around with vantage points and shooting angles, I'm not looking through the view finder, I'm dreaming off a tripod and of really studying the camera's huge operating manual as I know I'm only using the tip of the iceberg of this particular cameras full potential. Sometimes during a day, I'll stop suddenly whatever task I was doing because something has caught my eye, and as I race around getting my camera organized, photo assistant Oliver dutifully trailing behind me I find myself thinking, sometimes even saying the words out loud. I love taking photographs. LOVE. love. love. Thank goodness I have a passion(s).

Hey ! and there's also the drawing, painting, & collage .... sigh. I'm a very lucky girl.

It's like medicine, more tonic for the soul and I do hope that you see this love of mine, my passion showing up here - loud and clear.

What's the thing you can't make yourself stop doing ? What's your passion ?


  1. Your design assistant is right; everything does look better with an Oliver!

    At the moment my passion is finding out what kind of camera you use. I am looking for a new one.

    Other than that, my passion is travel. I haven't done much recently, but when I look back at all my photo albums, I relive each place and rejoice that I was there. Italy, France, Ireland, Greece, Israel, Turkey... it still amazes me.

  2. Oh dear Susan...that question! Right now the thing I can't make myself stop doing is being worried...I have problems on all life fronts right now...and things need to be done in a rapid...but exact manner. Only I just don't know what that manner is-exactly.

    However, I do know what you are talking about...and passion for creation is thrilling and sustaining. I have seen your photography change and intensify...it's incredible. Even your life-style-the house, food, animal-friend focused post...all lively and beautiful...I especially enjoy your gardening stories...and the way you interact with people in your community.

    I just love your 29 Black Street!Keep following your Passion...(or was that bliss?) <3

  3. You are ALWAYS amazing to all of us! Thank you for sharing 29 Black Street with us and ALL that entails!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Susan - these photos are amazing! The one against the blue looks like a painting. And Oliver is being the perfect assistant. Those poppies are simply breathtaking. Love love love....keep clicking!

  5. I certainly can't call myself a photographer, but I do love taking pictures too... I never feel inclined to learn more about manual focus though (I seem a bit dense in that department) and really should do that..or just a bit better camera with good zoom and macro capabilities...

    I also love making my little bears and the dolls
    ..gardening..... golf.....baking and cooking..too many passions.... and then, there is also lots of just sitting on the patio listening to the birds and enjoying the summer days and my plants. Winter is more a stay inside time....but, I still enjoy doing my "sewing" projects. ..with an occasional run out to jump in the snow, build a snowbear or take snow pics...

  6. What's the saying? If you love what you're doing it's not really work? I'm glad to see that your passion is deepening, driving you to experiment. Don't ever settle.

    It's a good thing your assistant isn't allergic to flowers.

  7. Believe me, one sees a lot of photography on the web and yours is truly special. You have an artist's eye and it elevates your photography to painterly levels.

    I loved how you described your passion. Sheepishly, I had to admit that's how I am currently feeling about knitting. I know that makes me sound like Miss Marple, but there you go.

    Of course, anyone would be a better photographer with Oliver as a model!!

    Edward, Apple and I send hellos from the sizzling southland. Both dogs are now in summer hibernation. Apple lays directly atop the air-conditionng vents and walks are much shorter and done after dark!!

    Happy weekend, Susan!!

  8. More than a lot -- I love the poppy photos. With Oliver sneaking in...

  9. Good afternoon, sweet Susan. Thank you for your words of encouragement today. I appreciate them, as I know that somehow you have had a life of hurt/pains as well. You ARE inspiring and really enjoy coming to your blog.

    I appreciate you as an individual and I apoligize if I have done anything to show you otherwise.

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  10. Not only do I want your house and location, now I want your cat too..... Isn't he lovely. Tabbies, now they really do rule.

  11. Passions. I have a few! Some I can indulge in others not so much.
    Photography is a BIG one. Time stops when I'm taking pictures. Trying to capture that "moment". Squeezing life into one frame. Traveling is another. Put the two together and heaven:)

  12. Yes we love your passion coming out here. Keep ti up.

    you know what's pathetic? I don't even own a camera. Have to keep borrowing others'.


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