Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the water in the harbour this early morning + more scenes from my walk with my best girl Miss Winnie D.

If you think you can do it, you can.

John Burroughs

Back at the beginning of this new year, back when many in the blogging world were choosing their one word for the 2012, a one word mantra / resolution meant to guide & encourage oneself through the year. This oneself, moi, always a fan of the any & all SSIS* plans (*spiritual self improvement seeker) hopped firmly on the "one word" bandwagon. I thought & pondered, researched  considered copying, others words (a huge list found here) & pondered some more. I ended up choosing the word Up stolen blatantly from Ali Edwards (kinda of the Queen of the whole one word movement). I picked the word Up for a few reasons 1). Up has only 2 letters - now that's a great reason ;-) somehow that made this word super appealing 2). as a graphic designer I deemed Up to be an usually (typographically) beautiful word & finally 3). the important, whole-point-of-the-thing, reason - I think of my self as someone who spends too much time feeling down therefore Up seemed a natural choice.

Never, never, never give Up

Winston Churchill

Well as you can imagine ('cause I think you know me well by now) that wasn't the end of my pondering the one word thing or continued SSIS*. Was it the right word ? I wanted a right word, ! what could that right word be I wonder. Ponder, ponder, ponder.

For the most part of this new year I've been taking the amazing, life, creative business, life again altering e-course with Kelly Rae Roberts & Beth Nicholls - Hello Soul, Hello Business - it's turned me & my Creative Empire desire on my head & back again. I can't even begin to tell you the ways I feel changed by taking this course ... it just ended a week ago & my mind is still so full & a flutter with ideas and questions and plans. I guess that's why I've been so quiet here lately, so many new things, too many things, exciting, thrilling, scary, nervewracking, stressful, fun, exciting (did I say exciting ?) things I want to say & to talk about but I haven't yet found their voice(s). Like my upcoming e-courses for example - Shut Up !! more on those in detail next week.

The one thing I can tell you that the course has done for me - it's changed my one little word form Up to Can. Uh Huh !! Look out !! 'cause I Can do anything (can't believe I ever doubted it). I can do big, crazy, scary old historic can't stuff I've always told myself I couldn't do, that's not who I am any more - so what's been up with that 'tude ? No more I tell ya, I'm havin' none of it. Les battle royale (of the Susan's) is on.


watch out I said !

yes, ya can can ... you know that we Can Can - Pointer Sisters - funkalicious

*self improvement seeker


  1. i shoulda taken that class like you told me to. Im in the doldrums. maybe because I am over freaking whelmed by country living. no it aint relaxing at all.

    Artist Up, 29. I cant wait to hear what you are doing next. Im sure to be sick with envy. ;-) xo

  2. I see a piece of sea glass. Alas, it's not blue but it's beautiful none the less.

  3. It will run again soon (September I think) ... you just need a boost & that's what it was for me a big fat boost and a zillion new ways for me to think about the hows, whats, whos & whys of CE building. Honestly I felt it was worth 3x the price - endless info (much of what is probably familiar to you but we all benefit from refresher courses).

    Right now I created a 3 page promo pdf & I'm submitting to anyone & everyone, all the big fish in the sea that I've ever dreamed of working for/with. 20 sent yesterday including 1 coveted much illustration rep (fingers, toes & paws crossed here at Black St.)

    If it weren't for Missy D missin' me too much I would pack my bag & come to Jawawa (?) & take the Ande Cook "Get Your Gouache On" artist's retreat in a heartbeat xo

    Shammy I mailed it, les blue glass package - now some Maple Sugah pour vous & perhaps some more Summer Savoury & Finnan Haddie

  4. Fingers and toes crossed here.

  5. Lila Rogers?

    You will get one of these big fish! like John, everything crossed. (thank you, friend. xoxoxox)

  6. Good for YOU!! We have ALWAYS believed you CAN!!! those two pictures of the gorgeous blue water (adore the one with the flying goose or duck) are so wonderful I can't stop looking at them!!!

  7. My word for the year is YES

    As in, YES to Susan's summer photography course!!!!


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