some former cannots

Thursday, May 3, 2012

a springtime study of mostly green & yellow - oh my I take so many photographs - 'tis the my season ;-)

Keep high aspirations, moderate expectations & small needs

William Howard Stein

I think you might be surprised at some of the things on my former list of cannots
or in the spirit of the cans ... just a few of the items on my yes I can list. 

I can clean out (& off) my incredibly plentiful, stuffed to the gills, imac computer files
I can & will get noticed out there in the beautiful fray of creative talent
I can empty my trash (imac) on a regular basis without holding my breath in fear
I can breath deeply & often
I can, once newly clean & sparse, file & trash effectively & efficiently the files on my computer
I can & will use usb sticks to archive (in a sensible & orderly fashion) important scans & files
I can figure out a way to continue to blog every day without it taking up so much of my time
I can sort through & organize my iphoto files by genus, species, colour, alphabetically ... whatever
I can do my own financial books, I can know the profit margin of things I sell on etsy & wholesale
I can completely de-clutter my office ... my home, my life & keep it that way
I can paint, draw, collage & be creative at least 50% of my working hours - it's about 2% now
I can worry less ... a lot less
I can stop taking things personally
I can speak less, think less & be more still
I can stop making assumptions
I can be more kind & more grateful, always
I can streamline my creative world & life (who am I kidding they are 1 in the same) so I'm not pulled in a zillion directions
I can garden this year 'til the cows come home
I can have a much more balanced life - I've turned into a workaholic but it's counter productive I do believe
I can stop trying to prevent bad things from happening everywhere ... all the time
I can learn to houseclean ... I'm so bad at it now - who has time to vacuum - not me (5 animals ;-)
I can have much less stuff, spend less money
I can practice & apply the "good enough" principle more often
I can read more, relax more
I can write more letters (snail mail) & send more packages (shammy)
I can get more exercise, stretch more, treat my body better

I can stop rushing & holding my breath through life
I can, I will, I promise myself


  1. Glorious images Susan dear, your garden must be so beautiful.
    Have a happy day!
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. So basically you're shaking your CanCan?

  3. Ha ha Big Shamu!

    Susan - bravo on your list. Very nice list, I may borrow a thing or two.

    Beautiful fresh, dewy early spring photos.

    Kitty, USA (48th parallel, similar spring happenings)

  4. I CAN: learn A LOT from your list!!!

    I loved this! Thank you for sharing and thank you for owning your PERSONAL POWER!!!!!

  5. Sending packages to Shammy should be on everyone's Can List. Especially if you have puppies to send. What.

    That list is long. You have a good attention span.

    Keep that photography class on your list for the summer!!!!!!

  6. Wait....what? Puppy packages? The Boy will not be amused.


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