Monday, May 20, 2013

I have enough beach glass to sink a very large ship* lately I'm on the look out for pottery shards

Doing what needs to be done 
may not make you happy, 
but it will make you great.

George Bernard Shaw

I am a certified, dyed in the wool (who knew it ? I know I am super surpriseddo-er of things.
I do stuff. I get stuff done. I am a do-er.

I get stuff done. I love to plan, I love a to-do list and I love nothing more than to tick off with a check mark - DONE + seal the deal with a stroke through of a to-do item (neatly penned of course in my hot pink, much loved Cavallini day planner) with, for the sake of a lil' overkill - yes girlfriend you did do that ! and I know you are proud of it ! a hot pink  (or lime or orange) high lighter.   

This however has not felt like it's always been the case, this is a skill I've developed over time and I love it. I love that I've become a do-er of things. Of things that I want to get done. I love cruising through a list. It makes me feel happy, purposeful & accomplished - which ya know can only lead to even better feelings - feelings of self trust, self confidence, pride, purpose, accomplishment ... yadada, yadada ya know ?  It's another of my daily drugs - accomplishment is. I love making a list, considering my day, attempting to be as realistic as possible though at the same time knowing that shit does happen  - it's become a game for me. How close can I come to realizing my goals & to-do's for each day. And lately I'm really trying hard to sprinkle in as much variety (& a few fun things) on the master to-do list 'cause chances are - if it's not on the list it's not apt to be done. 

*that black & white pattern is a bit of a find. I'll show you one day soon, maybe I'll even have another beach glass give away. I have lived here for 20+ years, walking a beach almost daily, sometimes twice daily my beach glass collection is vast and sorted by colour in large size jars which I have 15 of - that's alot of beach glass. Blue is rare-ish, red & yellow very rare. Brown, green, white common almost & lavender rare to common. 


  1. I love collecting beach glass,but rarely get a are very fortunate! Would love to see a photo of all your bottles of glass!
    Happy Victoria Day!

  2. I love beach glass which has been smoothed by the sea and sand giving it that opaque look. I don't have any but I am always on the lookout when at the beach.

    xoxoxo ♡


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