my heart's on fire

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

chocolate & blue zinnia pattern - digital collage/drawing - 7x13 - Susan Black

You change your life by changing your heart


In some ways it seems like it's been a terribly slow process, in other ways it feels like it's been happening at the speed of light. oh my, this darn heart is on fire & in so many wonderful ways.

Fan freakin' tastic project(s) at the *TTD. I'm reading the most excellent book - traveling to the Amazon every evening at 9pm. That Prince continues to stun me with kindness & love, the air smells good, the hydrangeas are turning pink, our September weather has been spectacular.

Good things keep coming.

* teak topped desk


  1. Such a lovely thought - change your heart to change your life - a wonderful life plan...

  2. thanks !! I would love LOVE to design textile and/or wallpaper - surface design - SURTEX here we come !

  3. Susan, I was actually wondering about something specific - not so much wallpaper as large wall hangings. I teach in a windowless studio, and somehow this particular painting would go GREAT on the door I look at most of the time behind my students' heads while they sing.

    I kept looking around my students all day and squinting my eyes to see if I saw this huge wall hanging on my door. They prolly thought I was a little, um, off. LOL


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