Wednesday, September 28, 2011

her work takes my breath away - Britt Hermann - etsy & blog

The world that I live in and see through my eyes
tends to become a little rough for me.
It's important for people to create their own worlds.
We have this world in which we all live but
I think we should be creating a sub-world to protect us.


When the idea hits you that you are in control of your life
it's almost like opening a window in a stuffy room.


Oh my there's a fire in my belly. I've always had a lovely cozy sub-world that I live in most of the time, I've just never called it that or for that matter, ever thought about my other world as a good thing - it always seemed like a bad thing, like an other kind of odd, weird introverted thing. Not any more. It IS a protective thing-my sub-world. Rockin' on at the TTD* this early morning.

Watched this very inspiring video of crochet artist Yokoo last night part of a fantastic etsy series.

A movie is watched every single night here at 29 Black Street - the Prince is a bit of a movie buff. I try & watch at least a few nights each week but lately I've been so busy creating away happily in my little sub-world at my desk in the evenings cutting, pasting, drawing, planning - I sure do love to plan ... last night's movie feature was Pirate Radio (based on a true story) - with a Fantastic ! soundtrack WOW which I happily heard trailing up the stairs & into my office.
oh - my - Leonard.

*TTD - big & glorious teak topped desk


  1. We watched Pirate Radio last night too! Sound track was great.

  2. Britt Herman does some beautiful work.

  3. Love the subworld idea. It gives a name to something I've been feeling internally for several years.

  4. thank you susan! gorgeous photos on your blog. :)

    xx britt


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