Tuesday, September 13, 2011

white phlox thrives near the driveway - I look daily for my friend the little white spider

oh thank goodness - my moon's in Pisces - phew !! + hooray !!

I gave up on The Hunger Games with 60 pages to go - just not my cup of tea but can't wait to begin Ann Patchett's State of Wonder tonight - you can hear her interviewed and reading from the book here at another favourite CBC radio 1 show - The Next Chapter's site

I feel like creative opportunities are raining down on me - it's wonderful. I'm trying to choose carefully, to be smart about it & most important of all to not become overwhelmed with too many ideas, my own passion & the challenges - often good things can be overwhelming.

I am not addicted to the internet - another phew !! (truth be told my score was close ;-)

speaking of which ... a few of my favourite, current everyday haunts

oh joy
design lovefest
sf girl by bay
elise blaha
for me for you

and then all the fabulous places they lead me ... I find myself completely lost (far too often) in that world of creative goodness but I must get a handle on it. Productivity & prolificness are my goals always + dear internet you do get in my way, however much I love & adore you.

adore ?? oh my how I love my pinterest ... what ever did I do before I had you

& knowing without a doubt that I am cherished & loved ... how fantastic is that feeling ?

great ads - so hopelessly stuck in my head - girls on film g-i-r-l-s * o-n * f-i-l-m


  1. what is that food item with whipped cream?? looks lovely and soft.

    creative rain, is this the by product of design lightning strikes?

  2. hey Shammy it's lemon pudding cake made with spenda (following my New Atkins Regime) some kinda regime when you can have cream, butter & bacon occasionally of course ;-) & rain, thunder, lightening we got it all goin' on - hooray !!
    xo les Gang

  3. Breathtaking photos!

    Susan - I have to confess, though I'm not a Vogue fan, I thought of you the other day. I was in the checkout stand at the grocery store, and there was this year's September issue.

    I felt terribly disloyal to my inner hippie, but I wanted to grab the magazine and scream, "I MUST HAVE THAT DRESS!!!!"


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