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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bloom Bold & Bright 10 x 8 giclee (top) & 8 x 10 giclee (above) - Susan Black

New Bloom Bold & Bright giclee prints available now in my etsy shop - also fantastic NEWS !! these 2 designs will be available very soon as garden flags, yard signs, mailbox covers & door mats a fantastic collaboration between me & brand new customer MagnetWorks (third paragraph down) hooray !!

oh my phew !! you have no idea how many good things I've already crossed off my to-do list and it's just Q time (Gian Ghomeshi time) fav CBC radio 1 show time. I am on the biggest quest ... to fit more good stuff into my already rich, full to the brim, thrilling (to me anyway) life. Watch out this month for lots more new etsy listings as I get ready for the shopping season.

I've been tres lax with my Passionate Observer blog & I am so sorry about that but many other things have just taken precedent. Came across this excellent e-course Photo Meditations by one of my favourite Passionate Observers Susannah Conway - if I had more time I'd take it myself. I love her.

Had a fun, work free weekend with niece Molly the weather was glorious sunny & summery and we got out and walked, talked lots & ate lots of great food. Watched the Hunger Games (+ all the special features on the DVD) so worth watching the SFs, the costumes, the casting, location, sets ... movie making is so freakin' amazing !


  1. Looks like the Creative Empire is spreading waaaay beyond the TTD!

  2. Did you see "22 minutes" last night.
    Shaun Majunder was done up to look like Jian. And in walked Jian himself and they did this very funny sketch of Jian interviewing himself ...

  3. Hi Susue Q I just read the blurb in Magnet Works about you joining them , Congratulations!!! Sounds like a biggie! You are moving along like a house on fire. Attaa girl.

    All's well here. With love from Sally

  4. Hello Gustav !! thank you for the sweet comment xo Suzie Q to you ... & you only ;-)


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