good golly

Sunday, November 11, 2012

my much loved niece Molly is visiting for the weekend - pictured here with her gorgeous cat Ferris

good golly Miss Molly !

sister of much loved Toronto nephew Mike


  1. great shot! Love the name ... Is that like Ferris Wheel? Have a fabulous visit. Tail wags. ~moose

  2. He is absolutely gorgeous. I feel slightly ashamed when I find myself coveting someone else's cat......

  3. No Moose Ferris Bueller ... Molly feels extreme pride in knowing you are coveting Rachel & relief that you live across the pond - no cat stealing ! xo s & m

  4. a classic film indeed! What a crack up. woof. I hear Ferris would like to have an adventure in Colorado....

  5. Hope you had a wonderful visit together.

    "Bueller ? Bueller ?

  6. A beautiful portrait of Molly and Ferris...what a lovely big boy he is and I love his name, I still laugh when I think of the movie.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. He's pretty perfect! and you can tell he loves having his photo taken! :)


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