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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Awesome11x14 giclee print & 8x10 giclee print of handcrafted typographic collage - Susan Black

Totally inspired by Barney Stinson's profound statement - In the past pretty much all and any negative emotions I might begin to feel (disappointment, rejection, insecurity, shyness ....) almost instantly turned into sadness - or that's what it felt like anyway. I remember saying once (4 years ago maybe) to best friend MLou that if you could take away all the sadness I held tightly inside me, if it were all to one day just disappear well ... there'd be nothing left but a thin, crispy shell of me. Those words came out in a telephone conversation, tumbled out of me in a moment of pure, bare honesty. Once the sentence left me and lived out loud outside of me even I was surprised and saddened (natch) at the heaviness & bleakness of that statement. It is how I felt, it's who I believed I was.

I do still feel sad often, it's a bad habit of mine. The difference now is I really believe that it is just a habit, a feeling of sadness is my go-to (instantly) emotion when I feel stress of any kind. So ...

now when I do get sad ... I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead.  True Story !
Merci ! merci ! Barney Stinson.


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