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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home Sweetest Home 10 x 8 giclee (top) & 8 x 10 giclee (above) - Susan Black

New home sweetest home giclee prints available now in my etsy shop - also fantastic NEWS !! these 2 designs will be available very soon as garden flags, yard signs, mailbox covers & door mats a fantastic collaboration between me & brand new customer MagnetWorks - hooray !!


  1. susan, these are beautiful...i might have to ask for one for christmas!

  2. & they're going to big big beautiful garden flags etc ...

    thank you ! xos

  3. Ha! When we renovated our house last summer, to add a room on for my mother, we re-did the siding in RED and now I collect all pieces of art with red houses on it.
    Guess I'll be heading to your Etsy site!

  4. Hi Sara hooray !!! + I know you you love dogs, cats, sunflowers & bees xos

  5. Love it! I have several iterations of the house, and I love them all.

  6. I'd love one of those small flags. I'll have to pop back to that site.

    Just love them.

  7. So beautiful dear Susan, the colours. the flowers, birds, bees, kitties, the dog, all wonderful in this welcoming setting.
    xoxoxo ♡


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