chili sauce

Sunday, September 27, 2009

12 - 250ml jars of tomato fruit chili relish

I followed this recipe ... with the following additions

1 cup of golden raisins added to the chopped fruit and vegetable mixture
zest and juice of 2 oranges added to the chopped fruit and vegetable mixture
and 1 - 2 inch piece of fresh ginger sliced and added to the cheesecloth spice bag

delicious on hotdogs, hamburgers, with meat loaf, fish cakes or a grilled cheese sandwich ...

* I used Jalapeno peppers in this recipe and it's not hot at all so if you like your chili sauce with lots of heat I'd make sure to use a much hotter hot pepper.


  1. Oh yeah, I LOVE this recipe. I can't keep from eating it straight from the jar and I'm so thankful that you turned me onto this recipe. Merci, Merci, Merci.

  2. mmm sounds deeeelish
    The new large photo size is lovely and I noticed you did go crazy and change the header too!
    Chilli Sauce and a blog revamp, not bad for a weekend's work.

  3. Love your blog but never have commented the larger size...soooo much easier to read.

    Almost ate a pear yesterday just because of that wonderful photo on Saturday...problem is that I really don't even like them!

  4. I forgot to add, Whisker Licking Good!

  5. Yes, thank you for posting photo of kitty too. Looks dee-lish! I like jalapenos, they are mild but still have such a nice taste! Happy DSS!

  6. It's like a fruit salsa and I bet it tastes great out of the jar in the middle of the winter. I could do without the cat.
    Happy DSS!

  7. I'm wild about the new look, Susan!! Well done!
    And that salsa with grilled cheese. Yum!

  8. Gorgeous! I'm a Shamu fan and now a 29 Black Street fan too! I totally want your house, too. Too bad I live halfway around the world...

  9. Awesome yummies Susan! Great pics too. Happy day after DSS.

  10. Chili sauce adds the final dash of flavor, or fire, to many wonderful recipes. You might hear chili sauce referred to as salsa or hot sauce.


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