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Friday, September 11, 2009

achingly beautiful images and voice

Thanks to B Shamu for reminding me about this beautiful music video (she posted some of the photography of Nick Brandt yesterday on her blog). I came across this gem while trolling youtube looking for another song by Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

I can barely get through this entire video without wanting to collapse on the floor in a heap of tears all the while muttering under my breath. Bastards. Bastards

I overslept by an hour this morning (eek ! Mama's tired), things have been smokin' here at the teak topped desk and I feel like I've been racing all week - and if you recall I'm a girl who's not at all fond of the rushing. Off now to the lands of bubbles and scent avec java No. 2


  1. That was a gorgeous video!! And one of my very favorite old hymns, too.

  2. Beautiful video and music! Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. you're right -- it is a gem!!!

    i've had a rush-rush-rush week as well. i'm so ready for a quiet weekend. my hubbie is on a plane from montreal to halifax right now and will be spending the week in port hawkesbury's paper mill. i couldn't help wondering if he'd be near your little bay. presley and i plan to snuggle up with a couple of good books and movies!

  4. Beautiful, inspiring video!
    Makes me sorrowful but at least I saw it!!
    ..and rushing doesn't do any good to you! Chill and live..Love to Ms.WD..:))
    Keep writing..:)


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