Thursday, September 17, 2009

signs of autumn

Mountain ash berries which soon the birds will happily strip the trees of

the gravenstein apples have arrived in the grocery store
along with large displays of canning and preserving supplies
mason jars and lids, sugar's on sale and pickling spice and mustard seed
the hydrangeas in our front garden have begun to turn dusty pink
the mornings are colder, we can sometimes see our breath
the harbour often has low lying fog, the water warmer than the air
Halloween candy and costumes displays have begun
we can smell, in the early mornings, the smell of wood fires burning
our Virginia creeper has berries and is just beginning to turn
piles of pumpkins are popping up everywhere
the fleece is out again (truth be told I didn't ever pack it away)
the chestnuts have begun to drop from the trees
the cosmos are in their glory
and people are buying pots of mums to display on porches and stoops
I've ordered my fire wood - 4 cords
still need to call the chimney sweep and the furnace boiler guys
and am hoping to find a mason to repoint my back chimney before the snow flies

it's rushing toward us, I see new signs every day - Autumn's nearly here
It's time to get this old brick house ready for Winter once again

a beautiful song - Autumn's Here - Hawksley Workman - lyrics here


  1. Beautiful Susan. Even here in Florida fall is making itself known.

  2. The lyrics are so melancholy; one aspect of fall.

    I love the beginning of fall, when things are still green but it's getting cooler, and even when the leaves begin to change color, but I don't like it toward the end when all the leaves are falling off the trees. The sight of bare trees does make me sad... they remind me of skeletons.

  3. All the signs Autumn is setting in for a short stay! We welcome the coolness here. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Oh I love this orange season!!
    Edward and Apple are thrilled along with me!

  5. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. It has not shown itself here in the Florida Keys but I am hopeful that soon, I will smell some of it in the air.

  6. your list totally encompasses autumn! wish we lived closer. two of my brothers are brick masons. they could come and do the point work on your chimney!

    enjoy every minute of this special time of year, susan.

  7. I always wish I had more evergreens.

  8. your list...all things to look forward to and the colors of the berries say autumn!


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