Miss D's best girlfriend

Monday, September 7, 2009

Winnie Dixon's best girlfriend Maggie Sue

Yesterday just after lunch I walked into my bedroom where Miss D was sprawled out on the bed sound asleep, snorin' and dreamin' of muskrat hunting and I very casually and with absolutely no inflection in my voice at all said quietly to myself (or to anyone else who might just happen to be listening) Gee ... I wonder if Maggie Sue might be stopping by ? Instantly Missy D's head pops up, the ears straight out straining to hear as if to say Pardon ? Could you repeat that query ? So I did in the same monotone voice I wonder Miss D, if Maggie Sue might be stopping by ? And you know what she heard was blah blah Maggie Sue blah blah blah. Well ... off the bed she came, wiggling her scruffy wiry body and wagging her tail, a few snorts and sneezes and then a little singing (whiny noises). Shut ! Up !! she says to me Uh Huh !! I reply You betcha, let's go downstairs and see if they're here. Sure enough Maggie Sue arrived at the door (with Deb in tow) to an ecstatic and impatiently awaiting Missy D, and off we went.

Missy D loves Maggie Sue (and Deb) who had arrived for our weekly ice cream in the park (the Parlour closes today for the season - sad face) and big walk along the harbour's edge and through a bit of the village. Deb and I spend the time chatting, getting all caught up with our mutual news, gossip and goings on while Maggie Sue and Winnie Dixon have a ball, mostly enjoying their intense nasal investigations (which there are plenty off in the park and along the shoreline) and just having fun hangin' together and doin' their dog stuff.

It's one of our most favourite things to do.

Hey ! don't forget you're savin' some of that ice cream cone for me.


  1. I enjoy your descriptions of Winnie's reactions! Maggie Sue is so pretty with her long, blonde curls... uh, I mean ears. Adorable doggy friendship!

  2. Aw, that Maggie Sue's a pretty girl!!

  3. I love her too!
    Tail Wags to All.

  4. A doggy girls day out! Ice cream and gossip. Wiggly dogs doing dog things and enjoying doggy heaven.
    It doesn't get much better.

  5. Now that's what I call 'puppy love';)
    I don't blame Miss WD too as little Maggie is a pretty lassie..:)
    Let love blossom amidst the seasons and fun...!
    Keep writing and enjoy the pleasures..:)

  6. There is nothing in the world like a true best friend!

  7. Maggie Sue is so cute! I can just see the four of you out on your walk. And ice cream! Doesn't get any better than that!! xox Pam

  8. Maggie Sue is so cute! I can just see the four of you out on your walk. And ice cream! Doesn't get any better than that!! xox Pam

  9. I looooooove Maggie Sue! What a face :)

  10. I'm a firm believer that dogs can read minds. My Sassy (she's in heaven) used to run and hide everytime I got ready to bathe her.
    She always knew even though I never said a word out loud. It was never a routine thing either so there was no body clock involved. Go figure! Love to you and the les gang! :)

  11. Don't you just love watching them play together!!?

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