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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

a beautiful map of the Maritime provinces the star indicates where we live now

excited !!

excited ? - far too small a definition to explain this feeling.

We're planning a road trip to an island in the Bay of Fundy. A 3 day excursion scouting out a potential new tiny life location. We're building our intinerary currently which will include visits to the local library, hardware store, grocery store etc. Grand Manan Island is a big rock in the middle of the ocean, part of an archipelago of other various sized rock islands, and is most famous for whale watching, sea birds, dulse harvesting and odd reclusive artists types and does sound very much our cup of salty tea. So ... we're off soon to check it out. Me, the Prince, Handsome Handsome and my girl Winnie Dixon. Mr. Bossy Pants - Oliver plans to host a cat boot camp with Bleet & Virgil in our absence (Bleet & Virg are begging to come with us).

check out some of the amazing place names like Whale Hole in the Wall - sighing ;-)

hopefully our ferry trip will be a little smoother than this one - yikes !! - doggie life jackets √


  1. This is such exciting news! Grand plans for sure. Hope you'll take lots of photos to share your adventure with us.

  2. oh you can be sure of that B. Heron we're off to town today to get me another set of rechargeable batteries and a 4GB memory card for les camera.

  3. Hey...we have been there!! Loved it + I know you will too.... good to leave kitties in boot camp, since all they would say is: "are we there yet".
    Tail wags,

  4. I think it might have been you Moose you first suggested Mr. Oli Ver had, has, a few "control" issues ... poor Virgil & Bleet Ness. Kitten Boot Camp no doubt will be rough.

    Can't wait to visit Grand Manan !

  5. Remember what I said about 'The Wicker Man'. Just make sure you check EVERYthing out very carefully!

    (And have fun too - it's all so exciting!)

  6. Promise ;-) Rachel (on both counts)

    les plot from the movie The Wicker Man - A police sergeant is called to an island village in search of a missing girl whom the locals claim never existed. Stranger still, however, are the rituals that take place there.

    oooooooooooh (ghostly sound)

  7. Hey Sue;

    Have fun on GM. My mom and I made a trip years ago to visit my Aunt Jane when she was living there. It sure is beautiful - windy, but beautiful. Make sure you make the trip out to The Face - a rock formation in the cliffs. It's quite the hike, but well worth it. I hope you can still go - it's on private property, and you know how people can be about strangers tramping across their land!

    cheers - n

    ps: the ferry ride isn't that long - about 30 mins.

  8. thanks N. for the hike suggestion. We've been studying up and ya know the ferry is actually 90 mins each way - be still my heart ;-)

    be still in very a good way.

  9. exciting indeed!!
    and bittersweet -- i am already missing le crescent beach :\

  10. Wow, really exciting Susan!!! I love maps and am just poring over the place names... Eel Lake, Dark Harbour, Seal Cove - sounds great!!
    Looking forward to the wonderful pictures!

  11. Soudns so beautiful, Susan. enjoy.

  12. i KNEW a big announcement was in the works, you've been hinting at it every once in a while. good, good, good for all of you. hope to see pics. i will miss 29 black street so much for know that the adventure will continue wherever you go!

  13. Wow Susan. Excitment plus! Have a great time!

  14. Looking forward to seeing some photos from GM....this spot has been on my wish list to visit for ages! Have a great trip...hope your plans work out!

  15. The ferry actually takes 90 minutes just so you're prepared...my family is from Grand Manan.

    Most young Grand Mananers are dying to get away, but it IS a lovely place. VERY touristy in the summer though, the population doubles, but not too very overwhelming like some places.

    The economy there is not booming as you can well imagine and it can be a pain to obtain some things easily (Vet care, dental care and the like as there is nobody resident on the island for these things.) Surprisingly, it is quite difficult to find fish on a day to day basis as most is shipped out! It can be a difficult place to live full-time, especially for those from away, many "away" people do only the summer season.

    Best of luck!!

    Hope this info was helpful!


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