1000 kms

Thursday, April 28, 2011

on the MS Grand Manan V Monday just after lunch - a perfect day to be on the water

Our grand adventure No.1 (part 1)

We traveled approximately 1000 kms these past three days. We toured the island of Grand Manan from East to West and back again. We took the free car ferry to White Head Island to drive the length of it's one and only road. We drove up steep, densely forested, foggy hills and down again into the spectacular & hauntingly beautiful yet tres creepy (in that Deliverance kind of way) sheltered cove called Dark Harbour. We cooked our own dinners, packed our own lunches we even took our own coffee maker so we could wake each of the two mornings to the familiar gurgle & spurt of our timed morning java. We walked lots with Winnie & Sam along rocky, slippery with sea weed beaches and we marveled at the potential of this gorgeous rock island in the Bay of Fundy. Though we missed 29 Black Street & we really missed the cats - Oliver in particular, who we realize has happily taken on the job of being our guardian & keeper.

We're so happy to be home - more photos coming


  1. Wonderful as only Canada can be.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Glad you guys enjoyed yourself!

  3. Beautiful! How did it compare to home?

  4. it's wonderful to travel but there's nothing like coming home! it looks like a wonderful spot to visit or live. glad you had a great time and so looking forward to seeing more photos and hearing more about your impressions and plans.

    i missed your blog . . . a lot!!

  5. I realize this post is uncharacteristically flat for me - void of my normally opinionated opinion and I think it's because I'm not sure what exactly to say. The island and it's surrounding islands & scenery was/is spectacularly beautiful. Rugged rock meets wild tidal ocean - but life itself, human life, on Grand Manan Island and White Head Island was surprisingly depressing. I think I'm still stunned by the contradiction. Stunned & saddened.

  6. when i first moved up here to the real land of deliverance i used to call it "the village of the damned". but its gotten so much better. - mostly because i learned what the scene is and isnt. Nothing feels quite like returning home from a trip. ahhhhhhhhhh. loved especially the photo of the cowboy. mr outdoorsy.

  7. Looks SO gorgeous, but I can imagine that island life can be... insular. No weirdly sweet, charming small town to fall in love with? No quirky-but-friendly chat with some weathered locals? Sad, indeed.


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