Tuesday, September 9, 2014

farmers market bouquet $12. / zinnias. cosmos, calendula / 6 ears of sweet corn 2.50 / one much loved dog cat named Oliver

Without darkness, nothing comes to birth, 
As without light, nothing flowers.
May Sarton


  1. Very beautiful! It's raining again here today - Autumn is tip-toeing her way in already. Your lovely, bright flowers made my heart smile. :) Always thinking of you. xx

  2. Oh yes, the light after the darkness.

  3. Just Gorgeous!! Flowers make my heart sing! Note to self - plant more flowers next spring!!

  4. Sigh ... quite loverly Susan my dear.

  5. Delightful flowers, their colours and beauty would brighten any day, money well spent and beautiful Oliver who is the loveliest of all. ^^
    hugs and kisses
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Is Oliver on his "lunch" break?!!! Loving the flowers of course, my go to flower queen at our Farmer's Market is my dear friend Mitzi. I spy the inspirational vase that is oh so special... may September flower big time for You! woof + tail wags ~moose


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