frost & gold

Saturday, October 31, 2009

yesterdays early morning walk around our little village

Frost & golden yellow sunshine.

Only from the heart
Can you touch the sky


new beginnings

Friday, October 30, 2009

sunrise, near the schools, yesterday mornings early walk avec les girls Miss D & Piper Belle

Good things just keep on comin' and I am grateful, grateful, grateful.

There is so much new and good whizzing toward me I can hardly believe it, or catch my breath.
Good things do come, if you're patient and if you trust and keep on believing without fear. Remember this ?

Don't be afraid,
Have courage
Speak your truth
Trust in love

and this one - speaks directly to my heart at this moment

Every new beginning comes
from some other beginning's end

Seneca - Roman philosopher

Sleep tight my hero, Noodle, love ya madly always

Hey ! It's Friday again. +crazy warm temperatures in the forecast for the weekend, with rain, but warm rain at least. Tons on the go here at the TTD. Off to the lands ...

I doubt I'll get to see Michael Jackson's concert movie This Is It on the big screen (although I'd love to and I bet Georgie's already lined up for her ticket in HK). He is, was, simply a genius and I believe a good and loving soul who was totally misunderstood. This is always my favourite MJ song 'cause it always makes me wanna leap up and dance around this old brick house.

try, try again

Thursday, October 29, 2009

yellow leaves in our front garden last early evening

Many people seem to think that success in one area
can compensate for failure in other areas.
But can it really?...True effectiveness requires balance.

Stephen Covey

Uh Huh. I do hear ya Steve

I'm thinking that the time changes this Sunday - we fall back an hour. Sigh. I always find the months between September and Christmas rush by so quickly that I can hardly catch my breath and this year all those days and weeks seem especially speedy. A blur of Autumn. I decided this morning while having my first cup of coffee tucked into the nest of down & flannel, a little Piper Belle snuggled in beside me and Oliver on me like a piece of clothing, that I need more (or even some balance in my life). Time management, I realize, will be the ultimate key to my success. I need to schedule into my days home keeping, exercise, down time, fun stuff, gardening - and in small manageable units ... so that my days become rich and varied. Instead of days hunched over the TTD telling myself Well, your busy. I do tend to spend most of my time here at the teak topped desk, my comfort zone, under the guise of busyness and believe me it's not always productive time. As anyone who sits in front of a big beautiful monitor with high speed internet can tell you. Oh look I have new mail I wonder who it's from ? ( a dozen times or more through the day). Oh ! they're talking about some author and his interesting new book on Q - gee, I wonder if I can order that from my library system ? and off I go. Not to mention all of those completely random thoughts or words that rattle around in that head of mine, leading to questions that I know now can be answered in a blink with a mere clickety click in the Google search bar of the ever curious mind. One never has to wonder, ever again, how fantastic is that ? who knows where I'll visit and when I might be back to the task at hand. I can circle the globe several times on any given day. I'm doing research ... Uh Huh

I've mentioned this topic before - how I would (re) instate new rules about surfing and checking emails, checking my blog, checking other blogs etc - if you'd look at my internet history on any given day you'd be ('cause I sure am) shocked ! And ya know I would like to vacuum (seriously) or have a tidy kitchen always, I'd like to use my 30 mins Pilates DVD, to spend an hour here and there reading when I wasn't exhausted and ready to fall asleep or to think about what Christmas gifts I'll make this year, now in October when there is still time to actually make them.

So I will try again ... I'm looking for some big balance in my life and you know that old saying ... If at first you don't succeed try, try again.

Oh and I have a massage apt. tonight - can you hear the harp music ? ahhhhh ....

that Dee

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winnie basking in a big patch of sunlight in her upstairs hall look out chair

My bath is pouring, the dogs have been out, Bleet's asleep on a windowsill pillow and those kittens Gussie and Oliver are peeling around downstairs in what sounds to be some very high energy top speed kitten antics (I still refer to them as the kittens although they turned 3 this summer), Piper Belle is in the red armchair that sits in my office curled up into a tight ball of wiry golden sweetness and the lovely Missy D is ensconced in her cave/den bed under my desk.

I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee and it feels like all is well with our world. It feels really good to say the dogs again - I've noticed a big difference in Winnie already. She's more energetic, more enthusiastic, she races out into our giant fenced in dog yard with Piper and stays out there awhile - they sit on the little hill on visual patrol OK, you look that way and I'll look this way they seem to say to each other. Before Piper arrived I couldn't convince Winnie to go into the dog yard at all since Jake's been gone she hardly ever goes out there. She needed a friend to do her stuff with. Piper still occasionally takes a little snap at Winnie if they're both close to me and I happen to be paying just a little more attention to Winnie, even for a second. It's a very nonthreatening snap, no growl or snarl and no where near making actual contact. I scold Piper, tell her No ! and Winnie is so sweet and tolerant she looks at Piper as if to say I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that girlfriend - calm your nerves ! Miss D constantly surprises me. Like her crazed, gentle puppy play with Baby Duke last summer - she was so unabashedly just plain silly in her endless enthusiastic antics with him. And once again she's showing her kind and tolerant nature. Since Piper arrived last Thursday I love Winnie Dixon even more ... now how is that possible ?

She's some kinda dog that Dee.

the best time

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

miniature coyote shadow - elementary school yard last night

This bustling Creative Empire I'm a buildin' is making me tired. For the first time ever, since starting this small business 8 years ago, I find myself juggling most of the time more than one project, sometimes even 3. Juggling and/or rushing has never ever been my forté. That said I'm doing pretty well at it. I'm power walking through pastures to the ocean and back every lunch hour (weather permitting - driving rain the only deal breaker) with Sue from the post-office. A much needed break from sitting hunched at the teak topped desk and holding my breath all day. And of course I walk with les girls before breakfast and in the early evening around this little village, another chance to catch my breath and feel grateful. But still I find myself dreaming of bedtime. Dreaming of my nest of down & flannel. Pajama and good book time, moist heating pad* for my screwed up shoulders time (you know the kind you throw in the microwave for 3 mins - and ahhhhhh !). A cup of English breakfast tea (at bedtime), a hot pad, a bed full of dogs and cats and tons of love all topped off with a good book and Mama's in heaven. We're not working for the weekend. We're just working for bedtime - the best time.

The big fat black velvet chicelet has just arrived atop the TTD and has splayed his immense self before me on my desk blotter. Chin rubs, slow purposeful ear pulls and much gentle rubbing and patting accompanied by cooing and general adoration (by me) must now occur and in return I will receive sweet chirping sounds and the deepest, most gravel-ey sounding purrs of contentment we've ever heard. My Nessie's got one wicked purr.

Desi update - 11 year old Desi and his 9 year old sister Adara (who were both set to come and live in this little village in separate homes but with plans to meet up in the park) have been reunited with their owners who are moving to Alberta and initially thought they couldn't take them too (I know - wtf ?). They must be forgiven. These 2 dogs were very well looked after and I'm wondering if the couple didn't realize that they'd made a terrible mistake and were completely heartbroken after surrendering them to the shelter hence a massive and wonderful change of heart. Desi & Adara will be so thrilled to be back with their people so it is a very happy ending all round - I was so looking forward to saying Hey there handsome ! once again.

Goodness I'm tres long winded this early morning. That girl, MLou is up and posting from the Land of Smiles so be sure to follow along (and comment) here with her 0 degrees Thailand adventure.

* I'm about to spring for this beauty - an electrified, moist or dry heat, super sized heating pad - ahhhhhh
be still my beating heart (and aching neck and shoulders).

omg that girls hair is sweet

les girls

Monday, October 26, 2009

oh my goodness ... I love this photo of Missy D

'Cause that's exactly who Winnie is. Calm and beautiful, regal and proud, loving and absolutely gorgeous. And you know ... I'm just crazy about her. She's been so tolerant of the new girl round here - our little miniature wire haired coyote - Miss Piper Belle who's middle name seems to be Exuberant. She who wags her tail constantly and with such gusto I've been thinkin' I may be able to harness her up and do a little coyote bush whacking. She's also a big time snuggler and would sleep each night curled up into a ball in my armpit if I'd allow it (but that makes it difficult for me to turn the pages of my book). She only has one tiny flaw, one which is my responsibility to keep in check - from the moment she walked in the door here at 29 Black Street she became (potentially) a tad possessive of her new home and of her new Mama - not unusual for shelter dogs who's one wish is to find someone to love. She snapped at Oliver a few times (the kind of snap that isn't meant to make contact - mere threats they are) and of course Don was completely unfazed by this momentary lax in decorum and Piper had a little squabble with Winnie over who was going to sleep in the purple dog bed (and we've got plenty o'dog beds here) Winnie won that squabble resoundingly of which I am very thankfully. I would never want Winnie's status within this old brick house to be threatened and we just won't let that happen.

I'm not sure if Desi arrives tonight or not - that should be an interesting twist in the mix but I'm counting on both girls to be in such a big ol' swoon over his brawny handsome self that they will both (especially Miss P. Belle) be on their best behaviour.

And Oh ... oh thank goodness !! my cover art for HOW magazine is finished and ready to be sent over the web waves to Ohio. I must say I am very happy with the finished product (which is saying a LOT 'cause it's not easy to make myself very happy). It took me from 10am -7pm (with a break at 4:30 to walk with the girls and sit a spell on our grassy hill in glorious very warm sunshiny weather). I was so tense all day. The thing with collage art is you can never really predict what the finished piece will look like - you just have to put yourself in a trance like state, repeat the word TRUST softly and often and most important try to remember to breath occasionally - it did feel like I was holding my breath most of yesterday.

But it's finished, and I like it - Big ol' PHEW & Hooray !! Here's hopin' the art director loves it too. A huge gigantic item scratched off la list.

she's a cross between a little lamb and a miniature golden coyote - Miss P. Belle


Sunday, October 25, 2009

a small pumpkin all stuffed with goodness and ready for a 350 degree oven

The theme over at The Karmic Kitchen this darn DSS (Dim Sum Sunday) is squash/pumpkin and this recipe is both delicious & impressive (and easy !) as a side dish or as the main event served with a salad. Pumpkin packed with Bread and Cheese a la Dorie Greenspan with a few Black Street variations and don't neglect the freshly grated nutmeg please.

I followed the recipe to a tee with the addition of 1 medium onion sliced thinly and sauteed with a little olive oil, 1 fat garlic clove minced and 4 strips of bacon cut into small pieces- you could also use diced ham (also sauteed with the onions so that everything has a nice carmelization). I forgot to remove the pumpkin cap for the last 20 mins of baking which I realize now is an essential step. I would even throw on a handful of combined grated Parmesan cheese and Gruyere cheese at this step to ensure that the top becomes nicely browned and bubbly.

This dish is absolutely delicious and was served to me the first time in a little Cavendish cottage kitchen, while best gal pal MLou* and I (avec les cheins Missy D & Missy J) were on last Autumn's terrific Cavendish Limited adventure. She served the packed pumpkin with a simple roast chicken stuffed with lemon and garlic and a salad of spinach, orange and red onion. Yum.

Everybody's sleeping in this morning. BleetNess has gone outside to sleep in his pillow topped old white wicker chair on our front porch where he contemplates the life of a fat black velvet Chicelet and the rest of the gang (including new-no-more Miss Piper Belle mon petite coyote) are all flaked out snoozing in various places nearby me - waitin' for Mama to make a move. It's wild, windy, raining and freakishly warm - I'll take the freakishly warm. The (my) cover art is coming - and speaking of freaking. Mama will be so happy when this piece is done and put to bed 'cause it's a makin' her nervous. On the radio today -fantastic CBC shows all day long to keep me and my collagin', paintin', fussin' and fumin' company.

* Hey ! that girl left for Thailand Friday for 6 weeks to visit with the Lauchness, her husband, who works there and she's promised to blog while she's gone - so stay tuned, blog posting from bustling Bangkok or perhaps from a lounge chair beachside in paradise. Her blog is 163 degrees

scrape out some of the yummy baked pumpkin to serve along with bread, cheese & goodness

dogs, cats & lettering

Saturday, October 24, 2009

an Autumn puddle of yellows

oh my - Mama's tired. It's been a week it has. Today the only thing on my list aside from a little walkin' with dogs and a little cookin' is a BIG ol' illustration project. I have been invited, commissioned actually, (as they pay me well), to illustrate the cover of HOW magazine's special design annual - a double issue - I'm in CE* building shock, still ... but thrilled is by far too pale a word to describe how I'm feeling. Honoured, ecstatic, a tad insecure, and throw in a little self imposed pressure. My deadline is Monday and I've submitted a colour sketch which has been approved so this weekend my main task is to create the final to size, detailed art - of course which will remain top secret until the issue is out on the news stands February 2010.

If you remember I was recently chosen to be a part of an upcoming article on Hand Lettering in this same magazine - another CE* building shock & thrill (and I was featured here and here on the HOW magazine blog) so this cover opportunity just blows me away and in such a good way. And of course I'd like the art director to pee her pants with joy when she receives the final art on Monday - not to much to ask of myself so la pressure is on. Wink.

Miss Piper Belle is fitting in remarkably well and yesterday was an easy breezy new dog day. Noses, including mine, and especially Oliver's are moving back into joint and very handsome, distinguished Desi will join us Monday night (and we can't wait) so it's dogs, cats and lettering here at 29 Black Street - and you can be sure I'm gonna sneak in few hours of read/nap/snuggle time with les pack.

*Creative Empire

piper belle & desi beau

Friday, October 23, 2009

introducing Piper Belle - Winnie's new friend and accomplice

We picked Miss Belle up from the shelter yesterday. She's been through a lot in the last few weeks to a month. She's had a litter of puppies although the shelter has no idea what happened to them. She's made a big trip across the straight to the UPEI vet college to be spayed and then back to the shelter, so needless to say she's a bit traumatized, likely confused and as a result of all this seems a tad hyper. She's very sweet. Madly thumps her tail if you should look in her direction, she carries a bright orange ball around with her, whimpers at it and tucks it in beside when she sleeps and the girls at the shelter think that Piper thinks this ball is her baby, her missing puppy.

Everyone at 29 Black Street (even me) has their nose slightly out of joint as we slowly make the adjustments of adding another to our pack. And of course there have been many accidents but through the night and this morning Piper did let me know when she needed to go outside. She's been an outside dog and then a kennel dog all her life - we think she's 2. The cats, especially Mr. Oliver feels perhaps Mama's paying' just a little too much attention to this new wriggling furry beast. But I feel confident things will settle down and into a new ( x 5 and hopefully 6) routine very quickly. She's currently on my bed sleeping in with her orange ball. Miss D, who's exhausted also from the stress of yesterday's big outing (a vet visit, a stranger in the car with us - my friend Louise and a trip to the shelter where she originally came from long ago) is sleeping in her comfy nest at my feet and under the teak topped desk. We also met this handsome shepherd mix named Desi who's 11 and who's chances of being adopted at his age are slim to none ... and we just may foster him. I really would like to - I fell instantly a little in love with his handsome grey muzzle and soft whimpering. I know that I have just the kind of love that sweet Desi needs. I'll hear more about that fostering possibility later today.

This all just feels ... right.

Miss D and Miss P on our grassy hill last evening

this big week

Thursday, October 22, 2009

walking in Autumn sunshine

Oh my ... it's been one of those tres fast paced weeks. What with courses, apts, deadlines and today's trip to the nearby much bigger town, about a 45 min. drive each way. My friend Louise is coming along to keep us company and do a few of her own errands. Missy D has a 9:30 apt. with the vet (just a wee senior girl check up) she'll be 11 in January. A little shopping, a few errands and finally a little treasure to pick up ... but more on that Friday. I fell asleep at 8:15 last night I was worn out from all the, completely self imposed, internal stress & turmoil of this BIG week. And of course, as is my usual pattern, I have a few things that must get done this early morning, things that I've left until the last moment, before that teal coloured '97 Ford Escort Wagon will be ready to blast off - most important of which is a lovely long stroll in darkness with my best girl Dee. So off we go ...

keep on dreamin'

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

up in the sky, clouds floating by this old brick house

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake

Henry David Thoreau

That's how I've been feeling. Lately. Awake in my dreams. So many things are clicking into place. I'm just goin' keep on dreamin' as big and as wide as I can. I believe it's best to never, ever put limits on your dreaming. I'm also feeling tremendously grateful for all that I have.

And yes I did survive Day 2 of First Aid, and yes it was a breeze (compared to Day 1) my partner in crime and familiar face, sweet kind Ray (and I) took turns wrappin' and slinging various pretend wounds, broken limbs and such. Next course on my list to acquire for my EA qualifications is Non-Violence Crisis Intervention which should be offered sometime in November.

Off to the soothing lands of bubbles, a very long walk with my best gal Missy D and then some mad Teak Toppin' it today.

social -izin'

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more autumn colour

Goodness ... turns out First Aid kinda freaks me out ! and I'm so glad that the first day is over, the first day of leaving the security of my nest of brick & mortar and spending a full 8 hr work day out in the real world with people and interacting, chatting, practicing techniques on each other, having lunch together - and all with strangers. Eek ! People often don't realize how shy I am because I've learned, over the years, to hide it well. I'm nodding and smiling and lookin' all calm, cool and collected but if they only knew - my insides are jello. I kept reminding myself yesterday that this kind of social phobia is a human condition and I doubted that I was the only one feeling self conscious and nervous. In fact, I bet almost everyone was feeling the same way. I am certainly out of practice with this workplace atmosphere decorum, what with my past 8 years of isolated solitary self employedness - my social graces are certainly a tad rusted. Thankfully there is one person in the course that I know, and know fairly well and I clung to him the entire time (sat beside him and forced him have lunch with me ...) - I know he didn't mind 'cause he's a sweetie. But boy oh boy ! Mama sure was worn out when she got home last night.

Between all those potential first aid emergencies that had never occurred to me and now have a priority position on my already pretty long Things-to-Worry-About list plus all that social -izing. Phew what a day. I'm thinking day 2 is gonna feel like a warm breeze.

Oh, and the greeting I received from Missy D when I arrived home after a very long day was nothing short of ...spectacular, aerobatic and thrilling. I sure do love her.

watch out !

Monday, October 19, 2009

early morning silhouette

Watch out !
You might get what you're after.

Talking Heads

The first line of a famous Talking Heads song seems permanently stuck in my head these days. Prescience perhaps ? I'm hopin'. It's wet and a bit wild out there in the blackness this early morning, Missy D hates the rain but we'll go for a quick jaunt down the street and into the park. You know me ... I couldn't bear to miss a daily post.

I had a lovely dream last night with both Jake & Em in the leading roles. Big smile.

and check out monsieur cabinets most excellent illustrations for a few of the 1000 awesome things - this week's blog of the week here at Black Street.

apple cake

Sunday, October 18, 2009

just out of the oven

Apple cake, merci ! Smitten Kitchen

I halved the recipe as I like to do (so Mama doesn't eat too much cake). My apple cake overcooked a bit on the bottom and this seems to happen to me when I use a glass pie plate or baking dish - but of course then I forget in between baking things and only remember when said new baking thing is only half baked - and then I thunk myself on the head (like they do in the I coulda had a V-8 commercials) and attempt to make a mental note for next time. I'm thinking a sheet of foil or a cookie sheet under the glass dish might solve this problem.

Aside from the crusty exterior, this was delicious, as always, served with a big dollop of whipped cream or a generous scoop of premium vanilla ice cream while still warm from the oven. Enjoy.

I may take a wee blog break for the next 2 days. I'm taking a First Aid course in my efforts to become qualified to be an Educational Assistant at either or both the elementary school and the high school. The course runs from 8am-4pm and thus drastically impairs my "power hours"* between 5-7am. A term tres aptly coined by that girl who knows me better than I know myself. Coffee, bubbles and a walk with Miss D will be the priority early morning agenda items items for the next 2 days.

Be sure to check back later in the week 'cause we have some very exciting news.

* that term was coined one day when I told her, completely aghast, that Nova Scotia Power had called to tell me of a planned power outage between 5 and 7 am on a Saturday - Huh ??? I promptly called customer service to ask Were they nuts ? As far as I was concerned those were "prime time" hours, hours when people all over this beautiful province of ours are dearly requiring their power - my girl MLou chuckled and teased What were they thinking ? That darn NSPower ? Perhaps some people might enjoy an excuse to sleep in she suggested. Uh Huh, Well not me, 5-7 am are, as it turns out, my uncompromising Hours of Power ... Geez, my pre-set coffee comes on at 5:10 sharp each and every day and in preparation for that enormous inconvenience I had to prepare a thermos the night before - the nerve.... Wink.

a little piece of apple cake to go with my whipped cream

good morning

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don's in early this morning

Good morning ... (subtitled I sure hope Millie sees this 'cause I look some handsome)
I swear, without a doubt - He is the most perfect cat and I'm absolutely crazy about him - Oliver

More design work on la schedule for this weekend and you can be sure Mama's got a schedule - a plan. I do love a plan, more of an outline or a guide - not necessarily to be followed to a tee or carved in stone, but somewhere to start and a gentle reminder of the things that Gee it would be nice to get that done. The secret of my success is to schedule in 2-3 hours each weekend day for some R & R (readin' & reclinin') - a lovely pot of gold at the end of my productivity. I'm on a bit of a reading kick which pleases me to no end - so many great books out there to be read - and such little time. Currently I'm reading Sickened (a memoir) by Julie Gregory and a few of my waiting in the wings selections are as follows

The Missing - Time Gautreaux
Hurry Down Sunshine - Michael Greenberg
Wicked Plants - Amy Stewart
Galore - Michael Crummey
Methland - Nick Reding
Dewey - Vicki Myron
Hope for Animals and their World - Jane Goodall

and all ordered from my library system

It's fleece and down, blustery and cool this new morning. Happy Saturday !

a most excellent day

Friday, October 16, 2009

a few leaves from our front garden

Oh my... yesterday was one of those days that ranked high up there, near perfection. It was sunny and clear and crisp a beautiful autumn day and the fall colour on the trees is beginning it's spectacular annual show • I had a busy productive day drawing thumbnails here at the teak topped desk with a break at lunch to power walk through pastures Bonjour Dairy Cows ! with Sue from the post office. We walk as fast as we can back through the fields until we meet up with the ocean, we walk down the red clay cliff, along the beach (which looks different every day) and then back uphill through another field. Chatting all the way. So, so good for both my body and my mind. • I drove her husbands F150 4x4 giant truck back to the post office for her as she had borrowed someones' car. When she asked me if I would - my immediate reaction was to be my normal scaredy cat self, I wanted to say No I can't or I don't want to do that - but instead I said What the Hell ? I did it and it felt great... and it was easy. I felt so comfortable and at home way up high in the big cab that I was tempted to roll down the big truck's window, hang my left arm out, steer delicately with a finger or two, turn up the country station on the radio and cruise around town a few times in hopes that some folks would see me. Snort. I have convinced myself that I'm afraid of driving (along with a rag tag bunch of other fears) so this sudden unexpected accomplishment felt like a rather large jewel in the powerful crown I've been crafting • more teak topping til 4pm and then I got the ?@#$!!!*& beast rouge (my lawn mower) to finally start with the help of a 12 year old mechanical genius - AJ. She was just at the small engine spa last week so I don't know what her problem was, but on the weekend she absolutely refused to start for me. He did the bulk of the lawn mowing, I paid him and off he drove on his bicycle meanwhile I retrieved La Beast Rouge from her tidy shed to neaten up all the fussy bits that 12 year olds don't seem to notice and I thought what the hell - lets crank her up and turn her into a bush whacker and we'll mow down that damn encroaching ground cover and a few terrible patches of stinging nettles (feels much like a jellyfish sting). Yee Haw !! Watch Out Jungle 'Cause Here We Come - tres, tres satisfying. Don't be at all surprised if my next purchase is giant ear protection and a chain saw • wait there's more • so while AJ was mowing the bulk of the lawn, the wide flat straight away sections I was able to do dishes, tidy the kitchen and organize my lists and library books. Thursday is library day • as soon as I tucked La Beast Rouge away snug in her shed Missy D and I piled into the teal coloured 97 Ford Escort Wagon and began our big errand run - Missy D loves to run errands - the drugstore, a quick stop at the little gift and home decor store, the post office to mail something, the library for new books and finally the grocery store where I happily shopped away with my list in a ... near empty store - ahhhhh sigh ! be still my heart. And all the while Missy D kept my seat warm and a careful watch on the door • home, home, home again to dump our groceries and library books and fly out the door once again so that we could stroll along the harbour as the sun was setting in a spectacular evening sky.

oh yeah .... and I slept like a baby, my body draped with cats.

A perfect day. Merci M. Universe

for the moment

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a wild and windy day yesterday - the sea churned and frothing

I really love yesterday's mantra - I found it while trolling my favourite great quote sight. It fits me like a warm fleece glove right now. As I lay awake last night tucked tightly into the nest of down and flannel, stewing and worrying (mildly thank goodness) I repeated these words

Don't be afraid.
Have courage
Trust in love.

These eight words, that at this particular time, ring absolutely essential to me and my spirit. Such a simple little ditty, so easy to remember and totally applicable to almost every situation, thought or drama that I might conjure up. A lifesaver for when I drift out on a fast moving current into the deeper water. Speaking these words softly to myself along with a few giant deep breaths and all is good again ... for the moment.

Now it's not to say that the middle line in the original mantra has no place here at Black St. but it's happily taken a seat in the back row for this Autumn's performance. The second line especially should be tattooed discretely somewhere on my body ... tiny and in a beautiful script font - for I certainly know how crippling it can be when you allow your imagination to determine what other people think.

Speak your truth.
Don't care what others think of you.

It's reminded me of one of my very early posts from way, way back in August of 2007, a post about the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz No. 2 "Don't make assumptions" and No. 3 "Don't take anything personally" - anything ??? you're kidding Don ? Holy Cow !! now that's a relief. But how easily we can forget ... or at least I sure do.

Off to the lands ... of Tramp bubbles.

a huge flock of starlings in the giant old poplar trees


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

looking out into the straight from the crescent shaped beach

Don't be afraid. Have courage.
Speak your truth; don't care what others think of you.
Trust in love


Cold & blustery. Dark and clear, the stars twinkle down at us. Down and fleece this morning - Mama hates to be cold. Come on Missy D let's go walk under the stars.

if you look far off into the distance of the top photo you will see this lighthouse. This photo is taken just after sunrise from the beach on the other side.