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Thursday, October 15, 2009

a wild and windy day yesterday - the sea churned and frothing

I really love yesterday's mantra - I found it while trolling my favourite great quote sight. It fits me like a warm fleece glove right now. As I lay awake last night tucked tightly into the nest of down and flannel, stewing and worrying (mildly thank goodness) I repeated these words

Don't be afraid.
Have courage
Trust in love.

These eight words, that at this particular time, ring absolutely essential to me and my spirit. Such a simple little ditty, so easy to remember and totally applicable to almost every situation, thought or drama that I might conjure up. A lifesaver for when I drift out on a fast moving current into the deeper water. Speaking these words softly to myself along with a few giant deep breaths and all is good again ... for the moment.

Now it's not to say that the middle line in the original mantra has no place here at Black St. but it's happily taken a seat in the back row for this Autumn's performance. The second line especially should be tattooed discretely somewhere on my body ... tiny and in a beautiful script font - for I certainly know how crippling it can be when you allow your imagination to determine what other people think.

Speak your truth.
Don't care what others think of you.

It's reminded me of one of my very early posts from way, way back in August of 2007, a post about the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz No. 2 "Don't make assumptions" and No. 3 "Don't take anything personally" - anything ??? you're kidding Don ? Holy Cow !! now that's a relief. But how easily we can forget ... or at least I sure do.

Off to the lands ... of Tramp bubbles.

a huge flock of starlings in the giant old poplar trees


  1. So true. I read somewhere that the human mind tends to focus on where 'the problem' is...that's it's some kind of adaptive learning device. At best, when we make a mistake we go over the thought territory until we come up with an inventive way to react. At worst, we keep going over in thought-loops until we tie ourselves up. I think we do have to control rampant self-questioning and just let go. Trust... follow that beautiful mantra. I often rest my mind in the thought All is well.

    That poplar tree spray-kissed by the starlings is remarkably inspiring. Beautiful photo.

  2. Lovely words to ponder.
    Yes, don't take it personally is a hard one. We process everything though the "me filter" and it is really hard to get that it is about them not us. Just do the best we can and let the bad stuff go. Difficult:)

    The Northumberland looks like red wine when it is riled up:)

  3. Don't be afraid of the deep water, trust your boat. She's yar.

  4. Wonderful mantra. Gorgeous pics. ~x

  5. The wine water, the starlings, everything is right. Have courage.

  6. my goodness that starling photo is breathtaking. *bring bring* national geographic calling.

    i "found" one of the 15 things today. tee hee.

    hi alice!


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