Saturday, October 3, 2009

yesterday's early morning walk

Winnie Dixon along the crescent beach, the beginning of a glorious new morning

The sky is just beginning to lighten, the song birds and gulls have begun and earlier we watched a giant golden and nearly full moon fall over the harbour and dip below the horizon.

I have a few days of design-project free life and if truth be told I'm actually a bit disappointed because I don't know what to do with myself when I don't have a mad rush of work on the go. The reason I'm not sure what to do is because the list of possibilities always looms so enormously large over me it's difficult to focus my attention and to not become overwhelmed.

That's my task for this weekend - to chop away at the items at the top of that list. Housekeeping and garden chores - fall/winter preparations. And I've already scheduled in some pure pleasure events as well - the key to my ultimate success - the pot of gold at the end of my travels. I am also practicing mindfullness - whatever task or delight I may be doing - to remind myself to be there completely, in that moment, whatever it may be - doing the dishes, raking the leaves, walking along the crescent beach or eating a crisp autumn apple. It's not easy, at all - this being in the moment, for this mind loves to wander and travel high and low, rushing along on some busy freeway of thoughts - though I am convinced to live in the now will be the secret, not only of my success, but to my ultimate happiness and contentment.

Happy weekend !


  1. i feel that way as well sometimes -- the void of not having the pressure to work, work, work. as i've aged i've found it easier to learn to just relax and enjoy the quiet. for you, i'd suggest a quiet hour or two reading in the garden. be good to you, susan!

    my heart is aching for my dear sweet presley this morning. i so miss his sweet face and warm presence at my feet!!

    ((hugs)) to you and les gang!

  2. Oh, that Miss D, she does remind me of our Frisket with those warm eyes and soulful expression. I hope you get to have lots of lovely moments this weekend. Here's to living in the now! :) xox Pam

  3. very true - and lovely - words. Oh how my Milla would love to be running alongside your Winnie right there in that moment! We take her to a local pond and to the seaside quite frequently and she really does love it ...

  4. That Miss Winnie Dixon has the sweetest face. I hope you have a great weekend, Susan.

  5. Miss Winnie
    You are looking very photogenic in those pictures. Thank you for always sharing them with us.
    Your friends,
    Benny & Lily

  6. There's that face I love. This is the yang face to the mournful ying face at the window, yearning for whatever walk is next. This is the face that says, Today is the day I get that varmint out of his hole! This is the face that says But Mom, crab shells are good for cleaning tartar off my teeth.

  7. Miss D is more stunning than ever in that first shot. Marley said she loves the collar - did you get it somewhere locally?

  8. Miss Dixon... I could just hug her!

  9. I'm sorry....what did you say? I was so caught up in staring at Miss Winnie D's beautiful tender face that I forgot to listen to you! She DOES take me away, that's for sure!
    Back to you: ENJOY your down time...those moments are so few and far between....and you know: you CAN just DO NOTHING!!! No chores, no have-to's...just being!

  10. Mindfulness is very fruitful practice. Brother Lawrence wrote so well about that too. I try to do that when I do dishes by hand!


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