new beginnings

Friday, October 30, 2009

sunrise, near the schools, yesterday mornings early walk avec les girls Miss D & Piper Belle

Good things just keep on comin' and I am grateful, grateful, grateful.

There is so much new and good whizzing toward me I can hardly believe it, or catch my breath.
Good things do come, if you're patient and if you trust and keep on believing without fear. Remember this ?

Don't be afraid,
Have courage
Speak your truth
Trust in love

and this one - speaks directly to my heart at this moment

Every new beginning comes
from some other beginning's end

Seneca - Roman philosopher

Sleep tight my hero, Noodle, love ya madly always

Hey ! It's Friday again. +crazy warm temperatures in the forecast for the weekend, with rain, but warm rain at least. Tons on the go here at the TTD. Off to the lands ...

I doubt I'll get to see Michael Jackson's concert movie This Is It on the big screen (although I'd love to and I bet Georgie's already lined up for her ticket in HK). He is, was, simply a genius and I believe a good and loving soul who was totally misunderstood. This is always my favourite MJ song 'cause it always makes me wanna leap up and dance around this old brick house.


  1. Another beautiful big sky.... another envious sigh from this city-dweller....

  2. I need a photo of Piper on the sidebar!! Lovely weekend to you all!

  3. Hey Pamela "and" what about those darn Chats What are they Paté ??? asks Don. Chats before Piper he says.
    Mama's gotta get on that.

  4. Love those quotes and that gorgeous picture! Have a Happy Halloween!

  5. We are digging out from 2 days of snow and 2 school snow days for my mom...woof woof. Please pass along to your cousin I hope to send her package of "Colorado Tresures" out this weekend...sorry for the tardiness.
    Tail Wags to All.

  6. "Every new beginning comes
    from some other beginning's end"

    How very apripos for me. Lovely.


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