Wednesday, October 14, 2009

looking out into the straight from the crescent shaped beach

Don't be afraid. Have courage.
Speak your truth; don't care what others think of you.
Trust in love


Cold & blustery. Dark and clear, the stars twinkle down at us. Down and fleece this morning - Mama hates to be cold. Come on Missy D let's go walk under the stars.

if you look far off into the distance of the top photo you will see this lighthouse. This photo is taken just after sunrise from the beach on the other side.


  1. First sloppy snowflakes here last evening - so I guess that I should be thinking about snow tyres, or just relax and repeat the mantra, or both.

  2. I will try chanting the mantra today. Bundle up - it looks cold! xo Pam

  3. I love the water photo... just a touch of pink reflected in the water. Is that a lighthouse way, way back in the distance?

  4. Yes Judy it is ... I've just added a photo of that lighthouse close up. Technically not a light "house" more of a light "structure" and it sits out on a point of land that we love.

  5. Oh. You are already in fleece! I cannot wait. Maybe by Friday.

  6. 'Speak your truth'. How important that is.Each separate word in this also rich with importance. Thank you Susan.

  7. Incredible photos...what makes the water so brownish red? Was it the time of day? Really interesting photo...please let me know at

    I loved the clouds on yesterday's blog too...I too am a cloud capturer...


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