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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

miniature coyote shadow - elementary school yard last night

This bustling Creative Empire I'm a buildin' is making me tired. For the first time ever, since starting this small business 8 years ago, I find myself juggling most of the time more than one project, sometimes even 3. Juggling and/or rushing has never ever been my forté. That said I'm doing pretty well at it. I'm power walking through pastures to the ocean and back every lunch hour (weather permitting - driving rain the only deal breaker) with Sue from the post-office. A much needed break from sitting hunched at the teak topped desk and holding my breath all day. And of course I walk with les girls before breakfast and in the early evening around this little village, another chance to catch my breath and feel grateful. But still I find myself dreaming of bedtime. Dreaming of my nest of down & flannel. Pajama and good book time, moist heating pad* for my screwed up shoulders time (you know the kind you throw in the microwave for 3 mins - and ahhhhhh !). A cup of English breakfast tea (at bedtime), a hot pad, a bed full of dogs and cats and tons of love all topped off with a good book and Mama's in heaven. We're not working for the weekend. We're just working for bedtime - the best time.

The big fat black velvet chicelet has just arrived atop the TTD and has splayed his immense self before me on my desk blotter. Chin rubs, slow purposeful ear pulls and much gentle rubbing and patting accompanied by cooing and general adoration (by me) must now occur and in return I will receive sweet chirping sounds and the deepest, most gravel-ey sounding purrs of contentment we've ever heard. My Nessie's got one wicked purr.

Desi update - 11 year old Desi and his 9 year old sister Adara (who were both set to come and live in this little village in separate homes but with plans to meet up in the park) have been reunited with their owners who are moving to Alberta and initially thought they couldn't take them too (I know - wtf ?). They must be forgiven. These 2 dogs were very well looked after and I'm wondering if the couple didn't realize that they'd made a terrible mistake and were completely heartbroken after surrendering them to the shelter hence a massive and wonderful change of heart. Desi & Adara will be so thrilled to be back with their people so it is a very happy ending all round - I was so looking forward to saying Hey there handsome ! once again.

Goodness I'm tres long winded this early morning. That girl, MLou is up and posting from the Land of Smiles so be sure to follow along (and comment) here with her 0 degrees Thailand adventure.

* I'm about to spring for this beauty - an electrified, moist or dry heat, super sized heating pad - ahhhhhh
be still my beating heart (and aching neck and shoulders).

omg that girls hair is sweet


  1. Glad to hear your CE is bustling, Susan!

  2. Better 3 projects than none but I know what you mean, how nice if we could make time sloooow down, so we could enjoy the extra work.
    Thrilled about Desi, really the best scenario, he did look like such a sweet handsome boy.

  3. Lots in here today, Susan! I'm going to email you about miraculous Alexander Technique lessons and hunched computer shoulders....

    Glad (sort of, anyway) that those dogs were reunited with their owners. Piper can enjoy being the new girl for a bit longer.

    Cats on desks - well, yes, very nice of them to visit, but my mouse is forever getting clogged with long fine Lottie hairs!

  4. I don't juggle well, either. I end up stubbing my toe, or dropping something, or chewing my nails off with anxiety. I think the power walk is an excellent idea! And I am so far behind in your pet world. Desi is not staying, but Piper is. I need photos. hahahaha! Have a great day! xoxo Pam

  5. What a blessing, having all those projects!!! Speaks to the level of your talent, to my way of thinking!
    As for Desi and sister: I always wonder how anyone can surrender their family members to a shelter! It breaks my heart! Now I am glad they appear to have come to their collective senses and returned these sweet senior animals to the natural order of things! Thank you, God of all!

  6. Yes, there is a downside to Empire Building. Still you're just the woman to do it. We all have faith.

    I'm afraid I'd be one of those folks in NO after Hurricane Katrina, you take my dog or you leave both of us. I'm sad that Handsome Boy won't be keeping the ladies company but I'm glad they are getting to stay with the humans they love.

    Rock on Empress.

  7. sorry i have been out of touch. weird time for me. first -congratulations on your new dog, your cover of how mag and your continued awe inspiring photographs. on another front, i may be a wee few days behind on my 15 things for you - is that okay? i promise you wont be sorry. no, not at all. i just left some critical items up in north georgia and wont get back until this weekend. so you should have it by nov 6-7 ssomewhere in there? maybe sooner depending on the mail.
    xo chickory

  8. pssst ... don't tell B. Shamu but I am tres/very late (oxymoron) with my own 15 things package (and I still owe her a package from before)- sad shamed face ;-( But I, like you, can guarantee (almost) an excellent assortment of items when I actually get les shit together. so... pas problemo xo from the bigger gang.

  9. That's great about Desi. He looks like an Alberta dog.

    I know it's tiring but all that empire growing is great for the neurons ya know...never can have too many of those.

    xo ML

  10. Wow! I'm really inspired reading your post tonight. I just got done posting about what it means to lead with my creative process rather than with some externally forced idea of how life should go. I love that the first thing I read after I posted was about someone whose creativity has her juggling more projects than she expected. Yum! You have about four hundred beautiful doggies and kitties, too. LOL


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