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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Tiny Life No. 3 avec black velvet chickelit

A repeat image, a collagey illustration from my etsy shop - this original sold tres quickly (hooray!) and we have upcoming plans to have a few giclee prints of this item in the shop in time for Christmas - which looms so close on the horizon. I have a wee break in the Teak Toppin' It action today and I'll spend that time puttering and tidying, organizing and filing and getting les office ready for the next busy round which begins again full force on Monday. Next up - my big annual graphic design project, a 12 page newsletter for a local hospital foundation. A giant 12 page jigsaw puzzle of photos and text that must magically and tres pleasingly (to the eye) fit together. It's a definite get your finicky meticulous In Design groove on, very different then the product design sketching with pencil and kneaded eraser that I do most of the time.

It's dark, windy, raining and messy this early morning. Another reason I felt like we needed a jolt of colour here today on this blog. I'm going to bundle up in rain gear and Miss D and I will have a very quick walk down to the park and back ... just so we can say we did ...

Hey ! Have you checked out the blog of the week cat ladder too sweet ! and brought to us by cat mad Slow Lane Life

Things have been very good here at 29 Black Street and even more good things are a comin' ...
we're just gonna keep on pumpin' out those hearts ... and see what happens.

The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart



  1. Love the quote this AM. Good luck with your "InDesign" newsletter, would enjoy seeing your product, as I do many items like that too. Can you send me an email for my "15 items" "receiver"? ...I have left a message on her blog, but have not heard a peep.
    Tail Wags to All.

  2. Love to hear of all those good blessing raining down on our loved ones at 29 Black Street! Love the hearts! You are the BEST! XOXO

  3. I have the original Tiny Life #3 and i love it! I'm happy to hear you are busy in a good way. I love the quote about the greatest treasures.

  4. I love this one. Its a perfect one to help you visualise your tiny life too.

  5. I remember this piece wel. It's divine.

    Do you also print 500 giceles at a time liekthe artist's articel you reference mentions? do you find you can get your money back in sells in fairly short order?

    Good luck with everythind. I look forward to seeing how the xmas stuff coes out.


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