watch out !

Monday, October 19, 2009

early morning silhouette

Watch out !
You might get what you're after.

Talking Heads

The first line of a famous Talking Heads song seems permanently stuck in my head these days. Prescience perhaps ? I'm hopin'. It's wet and a bit wild out there in the blackness this early morning, Missy D hates the rain but we'll go for a quick jaunt down the street and into the park. You know me ... I couldn't bear to miss a daily post.

I had a lovely dream last night with both Jake & Em in the leading roles. Big smile.

and check out monsieur cabinets most excellent illustrations for a few of the 1000 awesome things - this week's blog of the week here at Black Street.


  1. We've had rainy weather here, too, but this morning the sun is out and shining! Glad you had such a sweet dream. Have a great (dry!) day! xo Pam

  2. I'm telling ya, it's a sign from Dog....Dogs in this case.

  3. Nice ethereal image which set the mood for reflection and retrospection. Can't stay this way for long though!


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